James Purefoy Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles

James Purefoy Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles. Who’s that guy Kevin Bacon is kissing in the pic above? That guy, dear Famewatcher is British actor James Purefoy. You might know him as the hot dude who played Mark Anthony in the historical drama, Rome. If you Fox TV shows other than American Idol, you might know also him as the guy who plays Dr. Joe Carroll in The Following, a crime drama series which stars Kevin Bacon as the lead character Ryan Hardy.

james purefoy kevin bacon kiss - the following

So Kevin and James co-star in a new TV series, now why are they kissing in public?

The NY Daily News has the explanation: “Bacon and Purefoy are stars of “The Following,” a new Fox psychodrama that premieres Jan. 22 at 9 p.m. Bacon plays Ryan Hardy, a retired FBI agent whose big case was catching Joe Carroll, a serial killer played by Purefoy. Now Carroll has escaped and Hardy is pulled back to pursue him again – only to find Carroll has a new Pandora’s box of even more lethal secrets.”

The report adds: “The two have a number of scenes together, and at a panel for TV critics Tuesday morning, Bacon and Carroll were complimented on their chemistry. Seated next to each other on the dais, they leaned over and spontaneously kissed.”

James Purefoy Shirtless Gay Scenes. This is not the first time James kissed a dude named Kevin. He also made out with his co-star Kevin McKidd in the 1998 comedy-drama film, Bedrooms and Hallways. Check out their pics below:

james purefoy gay lover kevin mckidd2

james purefoy in bed with kevin mckidd

james purefoy gay in bedrooms and hallways with kevin mckidd

The two also co-starred in Rome but, unfortunately for us fans of male characters hooking up, there was no bedroom encounters between James Purefoy’s Mark Anthony and Kevin McKidd’s Lucius Vorenus. But Rome did give us this shirtless pic of James. Thank you, Rome.

He also goes shirtless and wet in Blessed a 2004 horror film where he plays husband to Heather Graham.

james purefoy shirtless in bathtub with heather graham

Who wants to get wet with James in a tub? He’s single now according to his IMDB profile so no girl will get jealous. Oh wait, we stand corrected, he’s reportedly dating a producer named Jessica Adams. Lucky girl!

Want more hot men in their 40s?

Note: For those of you wondering if Purefoy means anything, here’s what IMBD says about James’ unique and intriguing surname:

The name, Purefoy, is originally Norman French and literally means “good faith” or “my word or bond is in good faith.” Some Purefoys went to England during the Norman Conquest and others emigrated to England as French Huguenot expatriates in the fifteenth century.

A 2011 Telegraph story reveals that his nickname is “Puresex” and that “he is an accomplished swordsman in both senses of the word”. What is that supposed to mean? We Famewatchers can only guess. Haha.

James Purefoy Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles. Posted 24 January 2013.