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Brandon Perea Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Update. Look who’s starring as one of the main characters in an upcoming Jordan Peele movie. It’s Brandon Perea who we first blogged about back in 2016. Back then, he was one of the new up-and-coming cast members of the Netflix show, The OA. Nowadays, he is starring in an critically acclaimed Hollywood movie which is predicted to make lots of money in the box office.

We are so happy for our favorite mixed race actor and he sure is very happy too because he shared these photos on his Insta (follow him @brandonperea) with the accompanying message: “FIRST BILLBOARD EVER FEELS!!! I know at face value it’s just a big photo hangin high, but this represents so much more for me. Basically my lifetime of work to get to a moment like this. Gotta appreciate these wins on this journey. Always envisioned this yo… but not at this level.. this is far bigger than I imagined the first one being.. A mf Jordan Peele movie?!?! Standing next to all of those veterans?! Shot on 65mm Film?! By Hoyte?! With Universal?! I AM NOT TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL TO BE GOIN THIS CRAZY OVER THIS STUFF! GOD IS LOOKING OUT! Thank you to all these peeps for taking such good care of me during this entire process, @jordanpeele, the cast and crew, the homies at @monkeypawproductions, the @universalpictures team, and @carmencubacasts!”

brandon perea nope billboard

brandon perea nope ethnicity

On the relationship front, he is dating a girl who goes by bklynn on Instagram. Here are photos of the lovebirds being happy together. Awww. Young love!

brandon perea girlfriend bklyn

brandon perea girlfriend bklynn2

Anyhoo, we must say that we hope the actor continues to make great projects in Hollywood and that he will be able to establish himself in the biz. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we? By the way, did you know that he played an LGBT character in an indie movie called American Resurrection?

brandon perea gay in american insurrection

Now, here are some shirtless pics of the guy for the thirsty hoes among us:

brandon perea shirtless body

brandon perea shirtless hunk

He looks great when he’s wearing tops too. Hehe.

brandon perea suit and tie fashion

brandon perea hot fashion style

Brandon Perea Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Family, Ethnicity (17 December 2016). Aside from Patrick Gibson, another hunky actor on Netflix’s The OA that we are crushing on is Brandon Perea. His role on the show, French, is kinda the geeky (but can’t be messed around with) type so, unlike Patrick, his sculpted abs are not evident. Well, we still haven’t seen them in the first three episodes, that is.

But our Brandon is hiding some killer washboard abs as you can see in these Brandon Perea shirtless photos we grabbed from his Instagram account. If you want more of these, follow him @brandonperea on Instagram.

brandon perea the oa actor - french

Who will win in an abs-off between Brandon and his co-star Patrick Gibson? Well, based on what we saw, we’d call it a tie.

brandon perea shirtless

Brandon Perea Underwear. Does he prefer boxers over briefs? Or is it the other way around? The next photo below tells us he likes him his boxer briefs underwear.

brandon perea underwear

When it comes to underwear brand preference, this peekabo photo shows us that he wears Polo Ralph Lauren.

brandon perea underwear polo ralph lauren

Brandon Perea Ethnicity and Family Background. This all-American guy from Chicago is part Asian and part Latino. Specifically, he is half Filipino and half Puerto Rican. Here’s a photo of Brandon and his family.

brandon perea family and ethnicity

Brandon Perea Girlfriend? Is he single or married? Does he have a girlfriend? What is his current relationship status? According to dating history website, Brandon is “possibly single”. We will update this post once we find a more definitive answer in the future.

Brandon Perea: The Multi-Talented Person. We almost forgot to mention that our Brandon ain’t just a good actor. He’s a multi-talented guy. More about his talents from his mini-bio:

Brandon Perea was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Brandon moved out at the age of 16 to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. Brandon’s main talents include acting, jamskating, dancing, and BMXing. He’s been breakdancing since he was a little kid and became Pro at the youngest age in Jamskating history (Breakdancing on Roller-Skates)! His main goal is to inspire and entertain the world through his artistry!

With that, let’s conclude this post with this photo of Brandon looking hot and cool while jamskating.

brandon perea breakdancer roller skater

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