Jackie Cogan Leather Jacket: Brad Pitt Movie Fashion Watch

Jackie Cogan Leather Jacket in Killing Me Softly. Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan wears a cool black leather jacket in his latest movie, Killing Them Softly. Maybe some of you can ID this jacket? We’re guessing its Belstaff (it made several of Brad’s movie jackets after all) but, to paraphrase Casablanca, a guess is still a guess. And as you very well know, us Famewatchers do not settle for guesses when it comes to what celebrities are wearing. So if you know the designer or label of this Jackie Cogan leather jacket, then pray do tell.

jackie cogan leather jacket brad pitt

Anyhoo, Killing Them Softly has been getting really good reviews from critics. Will it do well in the box office? We certainly hope so.

jackie cogan leather jacket

We’re especially pleased that Ray Liotta is in the movie because, boy, we’ve been missing him all these years. He should be a bigger star than he currently is. [Update: A peek at IMDB tells us that he has been consistently working over the past years so its not like he disappeared from the the face of the earth but the projects he was in were kinda mostly unheard of.]

Some still photos from the movie which also stars Scoot McNairy (below right), Ben Mendelsohn, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, and several others.

brad pitt jackie cogan leather jacket

For more Brad movie leather jackets aside from this Jackie Cogan leather jacket, go check out his Fight Club Red Leather Jacket.


Meanwhile IRL, here’s our Brad in leather with Angelina Jolie and one of their kids. Since we here at Famewatcher are Brangelina fans, it goes without saying that we are loving, loving, loving this pic. [Update: Sadly, the two have since split up. Too bad!]

brad pitt winter leather jacket

Unfortunately, like the Jackie Corgan outfit above, we do not have a clue on the maker of this simple but fabulous jacket. Again, if you do know the label, do tell us in the comments.

brad pitt motorcylce jacket

Brad Pitt doing daddy duties.

brad pitt moto jacket

The above pics, by the way, were taken during a Jolie-Pitt vacation somewhere in Budapest, Hungary. Don’t you just love daddy Brad? We’re liking Daddy Brad more than Superstar Brad. His partnership with Angelina Jolie and their kids have really made him a very interesting person.

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Jackie Cogan Leather Jacket published on 4 June 2015. Updated 16 February 2017.