Fight Club Leather Jacket: Red Leather for Brad Pitt

Fight Club Leather Jacket. We’re pretty sure you can’t get enough of Brad Pitt’s leather jackets so we decided to upload these pictures from Fight Club, a badass movie where our Brad plays a badass dude alongside that other cinema badass that is Edward Norton.

fight club leather jacket - brad pitt

What makes this leather jacket unique is obviously its reddish color. In a world where leather jackets are mostly black (with occasional brown leather jackets thrown in the mix), Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket is definitely noteworthy.

Brad Pitt with co-star Edward Norton.

fight club leather jackets - red leather brad pitt

Here’s another one where Tyler goes for the skinhead look. More menacing but still leather classy.

Fight Club Leather Jacket Premiere Fashion Watch. Now since this movie is about a leather-loving no-holds-barred fighter, it’s not surprising that some celebrities who went to the premiere of Fight Club opted to wear leather jackets. Here’s Friends star Matthew Perry for example. Can you ID the girl he’s with? She doesn’t look familiar at all.

During the Fight Club premiere, fashionista Tara Reed went for a sleeveless leather top. It doesn’t look good on her because she looks uncomfortable (at least in this picture).

Wow, we can’t believe Kevin Bacon looks old back in the 1990s!

A young Ben Foster opted for a brownish leather coat. Way to go, mate!

Brad Pitt’s Black Leather Pants
02 December 2010

brad pitt black leather pants - celebrity leather fashion

Angelina Jolie is looking fabulous as usual but we can’t say the same thing about Brad Pitt who, for some reason, is wearing a pair of black leather pants. Did you just buy them leather trousers from a Parisian flea market, Brad? You didn’t have time to straighten out the wrinkly thing, eh?

The Hollywood supercouple were in France recently to help promote Brad’s Megamind movie.

For more celebrity leather fashion, check out Chris Brown’s leather jacket, Daniel Craig’s Aero Highwayman leather jacket, and David Beckham’s Superdry leather.

Fight Club Leather Jacket: Red Leather for Brad Pitt
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