Bruno Mars Shirtless and Underwear Photos – Real and Fake

Bruno Mars Shirtless Photo (2 December 2016). We are updating this post to bring you the latest Bruno Mars shirtless photo. We grabbed this from his Instagram account which you might want to follow (@brunomars). He posted the pic on Thansgiving with the following message: “If this don’t look thankful I don’t know what does. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. #UltraBlessed #24kMagic #SweetPotatoFly”

bruno mars shirtless smoking hot body

ORIGINAL POST (Published 13 January 2014): Bruno Mars will be headlining the halftime show during Super Bowl XLVIII this coming February so this gives us an excuse to post shirtless photos of the multi-genre singer/songwriter.

bruno mars body

Bruno Mars Shirtless. Oh wait, there are actually no shirtless photos of Bruno Mars are there? Sure, we see him with no shirt like in the pic above but we never really see him in all his shirtless glory which is why some of his fans, like this forum poster on, are kinda mystified:

Bruno’s shirtless picture is a myth. It doesn’t exist. One thing that we fangirl can only dream of. He always find a way to avoid someone take his shirtless picture, like this one:

bruno mars why no shirtless pics

Or this one.

shirtless bruno mars

Or this one where he wears a silly bib overall to partially cover his upper body.

bruno mars no shirt

Why does Bruno partially hide himself when he’s being photographed shirtless? We are going to start the rumor that it’s because he’s got some four nipples. He’s got two nubbins, one more than Chandler Bing. Hehehe. Yeah, you heard it here first. Our boyfriend’s sister’s neighbor whose niece is a friend of the maid of the aunt of Bruno Mars’ cousin told us that Bruno has got him some four nipples and that’s the reason why he’s shy about dropping his shirt in front of the camera. That’s the gospel truth. Internet, take that and run with it!

Actually, according to another netizen, the real reason why there are no shirtless Bruno photos out there is simply because he’s out of shape:

His personal assistant is very athletic, & one would think he will teach bruno a couple of things, but nope bruno loves his food, I swear everytime he visits a new country, the first thing he does is eat new food & go landscaping.

Landscaping? Is that a new hobby we haven’t heard of?

Anyhoo, the dearth of any shirtless Bruno photo IRL has encouraged his superfans to photoshop images like this one where our 28 year old hottie is looking superfine with washboard abs and all:

shirtless bruno mars - washboard abs - fake

Here’s another one where our Bruno is seen wearing Joe Boxers underwear. What do Bruno and Chandler Bing (aka Matthew Perry) have in common? Apart from the fact that they have extra nipples they, apparently, also both wear Joe Boxers. See Matthew Perry’s Underwear.

bruno mars underwear - fake photo

Here’s the original guy whose head was replaced by Bruno Mars.

bruno mars underwear - original

Does the non-photoshopped Bruno wear boxers in real life? Apparently he does, check him out in his pink boxer shorts on The Lazy Song.

bruno mars boxers underwear - lazy song

And here’s Bruno in gold boxer shorts taken from his Whatta Man video for Funny or Die.

bruno mars underwear - boxers or briefs - gold boxers in whattaman

You want the video version of him dancing in his boxer shorts? Here you go:

Awww. If the vid does not make you love Bruno Mars, we don’t know what will.

Want more sexy shirtless singers? Check out the Shirtless David Miller.

UPDATE (11 July 2014): Look what we found, a very hunky sculpted Bruno Mars wearing nothing but an itty-bitty briefs-style swimsuit.

bruno mars underwear - speedo briefs

If only this is the real deal and not some of those fake images created by talented photoshoppers.