Bowties For Girls: Female Models and Celebrities Wearing Bowties

Bowties For Girls: Female Models and Celebrities Wearing Bowties. If bowties are still in fashion for men, do you think it’s still “IN” for girls or women? Of course, the answer is YES, YES, YES otherwise these celebrity fashionistas – fashion model/actress Diane Kruger, music superstar Rihanna, and singer Hayley Williams – won’t be wearing them. Right?

bowties for girls diane kruger

Rihanna sports the “tuxedo look” at a red carpet event.

bowties for girls rihanna

Who is Hayley Williams, you ask? Shame on you, clueless! Hehe. Hayley is the lead vocalist for the American rock band Paramour. The band is much-loved by teens and tweens because it keeps on winning at the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Awards. Oh, the band is a three-time Grammy nominee too.

bowtie for girls

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Bowties For Girls Update
05 April 2012

Ever the fashionistas the Kardashian girls were spotted wearing bow ties. Here’s Kim wearing a Jill Pineda Black Faux Leather Bow Tie.

bowties for girls jj pineda

If Kim wears a Jill Pineda bow tie, can Kourtney and Khloe (for the record, Khloe is our favorite Kardashian) be without it? Well, we know that Kourtney also has one as you can see her wearing one below.

bowtie for girls jill pineda

Established designers continue to add bow ties to their women’s wear collections. For instance, here’s a beauty modeling the latest from the Ralph Lauren collection.

bowtie for girls ralph lauren

Incidentally, the above RL ensemble was seen on Oscar winner Penelope Cruz in the photo below for V Magazine.

bowties for girls penelope cruz

Jason Wu, whose fortunes rose skyhigh when First Lady Michelle Obama picked his creations, also offers a bow tie accessory for the ladies. Julia Saner models Jason’s collection.

bowties for girls by jason wu

Like FL Michelle, Amanda Seyfried apparently also likes her her Jason Wu.

bowties for girls jason wu amanda seyfried

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Bowties For Girls: Female Models and Celebrities Wearing Bowties. Originally published 23 January 2011. Updated 05 April 2012.