Celebrities Wearing Bottega Veneta Menswear: Nicholas Tse+Kanye West

Bottega Veneta Mens Suits: Models and Celebrities Wearing Bottega Suits. Italian designers sure know how to make fab men’s suits, no? Check out these stylish suits from the Bottega Veneta Spring Summer Menswear Collection.

italian mens suits by bottega veneta

Darn, ain’t the guy above hot! We are gonna call him our imaginary Bottega Veneta model boyfriend. Hehe.

bottega veneta mens suits runway models

bottega veneta mens suits spring collection

bottega veneta mens suits white suits

light gray mens suits. italian fashion luxury suit by bottega veneta

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Celebrities Wearing Bottega Menswear and Accessories (posted 08 August 2011). Despite the fact that Bottega Veneta makes the most fabulous of men’s suits, it’s interesting to note that not a lot of male celebrities are spotted wearing them. Sure there a ton of famous female celebs who obviously love the label but among famous men there’s not a lot of Bottega-wearers among them. This is not to say that no celeb wears the label.

Let’s check out Hongkong actor Nicolas Tse who definitely caught people’s attention when he wore this attention-grabbing suit (from the Bottega Veneta Spring|Summer 2010 Menswear Collection) at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

celebrities wearing bottega veneta suits nicolas tse

Aside from the Hongkong Film Awards, where can you wear this orange suit? Because we are kind of conservative here at Famewatcher, we’d say that the only even you can wear this color would be at an Ananda Marga wedding. Hehehe.

Other celebrities who wear spotted wearing Bottega menswear is the controversial singer/male fashionista-turned-designer that is Kanye West. In the pic below, Taylor Swift’s BEF (Best Enemy Forever?) is wearing a white Bottega Veneta blazer. Them boots are also from the same Italian fashion house.

kanye west bottega veneta mens suits

Lastly, here’s number one National Football League draft pick Cam Newton in a GQ Magazine photoshoot.

cam newton bottega veneta suits for men

Which of the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s outfits is by Bottega Veneta? You guessed right if you answered them sexy pair of pants.

Bottega Veneta Mens Suits: Models and Celebrities Wearing Bottega Suits. Posted 22 October 2010.

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