Blue Suits for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

Blue Suits for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch. Looking for male models and celebrities wearing blue suits? Well, here’s a collection of our earlier posts published over the past two years talking about the matter. Have fun reading.

Chace Crawford’s Blue Suit No Tie (16 February 2010). What do you think of our pretty boy Chace Crawford’s facial hair? He’s growing up to be a studly man in the mold of Pierce Brosnan, eh?

blue suits for men 2017 - chace crawford suit

Anyhoo, this is Chace at the Calvin Klein fashion show which he graced with guy pals Kellan Lutz, Ryan Phillippe, Lee Pace, Jared Leto, and Mehcad Brooks. He sure is looking good in his sexy dark blue suit, no?

blue suits for men chace crawford dark blue

If we are not mistaken our Chace is wearing a Calvin Klein suit.

blue suits for men chace crawford dark blue2


Blue Suits for Men: Ryan Phillipe and Matthew McConaughey (24 July 2010). Oh goody. Ryan Phillipe never looked so good than when he dresses up in suit and tie. And we actually like Matthew McConaughey fully suited as in these photos than when he is running around town with his shirt off.

The two cuties are filming their movie, The Lincoln Lawyer, about a lawyer who “conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.”

We’re assuming Matthew Mc is the lawyer while Ryan is the client. Now, is it us being wishful or does these two look great together? We don’t know the plot of this movie but it would be cool if it turns out to be a legal version of Brokeback Mountain. Ryan and Matthew smolder together, is what we’re saying. Seriously! Hehehe.

blue suits for men - the lincoln lawyer

Who rocks his blue suit better? Ryan or Matthew?

blue suits for men - ryan philippe

celebrities in blue suits for men

They actually both look good in their suits, no?

celebrity wearing blue suits for men

But we are going to give the edge to Ryan.

blue suits for men - ryan philippe

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