Ben McKenzie Shirtless, Tank Top, Gay or Girlfriend?

Ben McKenzie is Sexy in White Tank Tops. Time for another male celebrity in tank tops. Our tank top hunk for the day is no other than Ben McKenzie who looks gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, in a white tank top which nicely fits his athletic physique.

ben mckenzie sexy hunk gotham

If our husband is as sculpted as Ben, we won’t mind him wearing tank tops in public places, you know, like jogging around town or getting groceries or going to the movies with us. Okay, wearing tank tops to the movies may be overdoing it. It might be okay if you live in a seaside town during summer but not in our town where the population skews older and conservative.

Anyhoo, here’s Ben looking oh-so-shaggable in his muscle shirt. He must have been running but he’s still cool as ice. Want more celebrity muscle shirts?

ben mckenzie muscle hunk - tank top shirts

Where you heading to Mr. McKenzie?

ben mckenzie sexy hunk in tank top shirt

Ben McKenzie Shirtless Photos. There are tons of shirtless photos of our Ben flying around the internets but we picked the best one for you. This one’s from an episode of The OC where our handsome hunk displays his cage-fighting skills.

ben mckenzie cage fighter - the oc

Ben McKenzie Underwear: Does He Prefer Boxers or Briefs? Wondering whether Ben wears boxers or briefs? Turns out that he doesn’t wear anything underneath his trousers. Here’s an excerpt from an interview he did with Nick Haramis back in 2008 (via

BB: Maybe you should stop wearing underwear.
BM: Here’s a secret: I have never worn underwear, ever, in my entire life.

Question to you Famewatchers: Are you turned on or turned off by people who are “underwear averse”? Sound out in the comments.

Anyhoo, although he doesn’t like undies, here’s a photo of Ben wearing a pair of boxer briefs. Pic is from an episode of Southland.


Is Ben McKenzie Gay or Straight? tells us that he dated (or rumored to have dated) Mischa Barton, Emily VanCamp, Amanda Loncar, and Shelley Hennig so we are going to say he’s straight. But if he ever goes gay, we want him to go gay with his OC co-star Paul Wesley because they look cute together. Benjie and Wesley sitting on a tree. See, there names just go together. Hehe.

ben mckenzie gay with paul wesley

Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon. The biggest break in Ben’s acting career to date is when he landed the lead role of Det. James Gordon in the upcoming TV series, Gotham.

ben mckenzie leather jacket

If you are looking forward to Ben as James Gordon, watch out for the show on Fox during the 2014-2015 television season.

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