David Beckham as an Armani Underwear Male Model

Note: Our apologies, we had to move some of Beckham’s pics to another site. Check ’em out.

These photos of David Beckham in his Emporio Armani boxer briefs have been in the internetz since, like, forever so we’re kinda late in publishing them but as our wise grandma would say, “Tis better late than never, Pim. Tis better late than never”. Actually, we’re posting these photos because some of you were looking for “famous men with big bulge” and the first person that came to mind is David Beckham. Maybe some of you know of other famous men who would qualify?

david beckham armani underwear

Want more David Beckham? Or would you rather gawk at men with big packages?

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David Beckham in Emporio Armani Underwear
19 June 2008

david beckham armani underwear briefs

Oh my. It’s Beckhamania in the good old U.S. of A. He unveils his new Armani underwear ad and tons of girls and guys line up to see His Bulgeness. How cool — or how hot? — is David Beckham?

david beckham armani underwear model


Beckham Underwear Watch: David’s Bubble Butt
21 January 2009

The latest underwear Armani ad offering from David and Victoria Beckham. David has a bubble butt. Yeah, yeah, we know that already but it’s prominently showcased in this latest ad.


Who Wants More Underwear Pictures of David Beckham?
27 June 2008

Everyone of course. So I’m uploading two more of David Beckham’s Armani underwear ad. Those Armani guys are so clever. They’ve gotten a lot of free publicity and buzz from the mainstream and the new media because of these underwear photos of David.


English Men Are Hot: David Beckham
29 August 2010

Are English guys hot? Of course they are! Evidence number one would be footballer David Beckham who, it must be said, sports a really “admirable” bulge in his Armani underwear ads. No wonder Victoria is reportedly so proud of David Beckham’s big Little David. Click here if you want to see more David Beckham.


David Beckham’s Armani Underwear
30 January 2009

All we can say is, “Woof, woof.” Or maybe we should say, “OMG. Beckham! You’ve got a snake inside your underwear! Isn’t that dangerous?”

He’s really got a big gift, doesn’t he?

Note: Our apologies, we moved some of Beckham’s pics to another site. Check ’em out.