Ed Westwick on S Darko Movie – Interview

Guess who’s in the new S. Darko movie? It’s Ed Westwick aka Chace Crawford’s roommate. Anyways, we didn’t even know about this movie, a sequel to Jake Gyllenhaal’s cult hit Donnie Darko, until we read this interview of Ed Westwick with The Guardian.

From Hannah Pool/Guardian:

Gossip Girl is set in a very privileged Upper East Side world. Do you think it portrays that side of New York well?
It’s a heightened sense of reality. I’m not from that world but I have friends now who are and they’ve been telling me and the rest of my cast-mates that we’re getting it pretty bang on.

Your character, Chuck Bass, is a ladies’ man – it’s probably safe to say he’s every father’s nightmare.
Lock up your daughters, definitely. He’s intelligent and quite slimy in the way he manipulates to his gain.

Do you think he has any redeeming qualities?
I think so. They try to make every one of the characters loyal to each other despite the tiffs they may have. But, then again, he basically cheated on his friend Nate by having sex with his girlfriend. He goes after what he wants. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. He’s got a long way to go before he’s a nice guy.

Would you be friends with him in real life?
We’d be associates, definitely.

How did you get the part?
I was just doing bits and pieces of acting in the UK. I’d been in the film Breaking and Entering – Anthony Minghella gave me my start and I miss him dearly. Then I made the trip out to LA, during one of their pilot seasons, which was when they were developing Gossip Girl, and I auditioned, and things came together.

Do you worry you’ll turn into Chuck?
No. I’ve got a clear line between work and real life.

You’re featured on the gossip website Gawker all the time. Do websites like that annoy you?
No, I’m not somebody who reads about what I’m actually up to that week – which usually they get wrong. Maybe you can pass the word on to anybody who reads these sites or who sees their kids on them that most of the time these people are making stuff up. If people want to really know what’s up with me then they can read one of my interviews.

Does the attention inhibit you?
No. I don’t think so. I’m always going to go out and do what I want to do. I don’t think it pays to close yourself off. You see situations with certain people where it has literally become a frenzy. You look at people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; people start to forget they are professional actors.

Can you still go out and buy a pint of milk?
Yes, I can. After the first season, I could come back here and no one knew who I was. But now it’s changing. It comes with the territory. Today there are paparazzi out, I’m doing a day of press, I’m in a hotel, I’ve just been on Radio 1. But when I’m in my day-to-day life people don’t know who I am and I’m left to my own devices.

Do you prefer living in the US or the UK?
I love England, and when we’re sitting out here on a day like this it’s hard to love anywhere more. London fascinates me, and obviously this is where I’m from. It’s what I know. But in the last two years I’ve begun to add something else to my repertoire. I’ve become comfortable with the New York lifestyle and the American way, and I really love it out there.

Do you worry that your fame could disappear as quickly as it arrived?
No. Because if you worry then you’re wasting your time, not enjoying the moment. I’m confident in myself that I can continue to do well. But obviously you never know.

You’re also in the film S Darko.
That was an independent film we shot last year, it’s a sequel to Donnie Darko. It was great to not only be around different actors and crew after a year on Gossip Girl, but to be involved in something that’s got that connection to such a cult hit.

What next?
I’m going to the US to do some work on [the TV show] Californication, with David Duchovny. I’m really looking forward to it.

Are there any downsides to all of this?
You touched on the stuff with rumours and blogging. But it’s not a downside because it doesn’t in any way dampen the enjoyment I’m having. Fame and status are a side product.