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Auston Matthews Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Four years later, we are updating this post on the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey star to note that he ain’t dating Emily Ruttledge anymore. They broke up apparently and he went on to date a model named Jordyn Johnson but that has also ended. We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment or whether he is enjoying the benefits of blessed singlehood such us chillin’ on a boat with a pal.

auston matthews body - vacation

Now, we gotta say that we are starting to become a stan of Auston not only for his skills as a hockey player but also for his fun-loving ways. Did you know that he made the news last year for flashing his underwear? Hmmm, maybe he wants to become an underwear model like Mantas Armalis. Anyhoo, the incident prompted the guys of EA sports to make the image below.

auston matthews underwear

The Toronto Sun reports:

A female security guard in Scottsdale told police that on May 26, outside Matthews’ condo building, someone tried to open her locked car door. She told cops she jumped out of the vehicle and confronted Matthews and some pals and was told by the Maple Leaf that they thought “it would be funny to see how she would respond.” She says Matthews then walked away, pulled down his pants, bent over and grabbed his b*tt cheeks (his underwear stayed up).

Our Auston was charged with disorderly conduct for his act which, we think, is fair. Next time, Auston dearie, you should pick your audience correctly. We would not be complaining if you drop your britches in front of us, you know. Heck, we’d still welcome it if you drop the underoos too. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of fun-loving hockey star.

auston matthews shirtless hockey - maple leafs

auston matthews body - hot hockey player - maple leafs
Auston Matthews Girlfriend (posted 30 October 2016). Let’s add Auston Matthews to our list of hockey hunks. This year’s number one draft pick is already rocking the NHL and, rightfully, them newspapers are singing him praises. But we’ll go back to his positive press coverage later because we know that most of you are more interested in who he’s dating.

So, fellow Famewatchers, meet Emily Ruttledge aka The Auston Matthews Girlfriend.

auston matthews girlfriend emily ruttledge

Another photo of the lovely couple:

auston matthews emily ruttledge

Auston and Emily sitting on a tree… or standing on the street.

auston matthews girlfriend emily ruttledge

Auston Matthews Shirtless Photos. This section is for the pervs among you who are looking for Auston Matthews shirtless pics. You know who you are. We do not judge. Hehe.

auston matthews shirtless

Of course you want a closer look, doncha?

auston matthews shirtless photo

Now, let’s check out what the media is saying about Auston shall we? As we were saying, newspaper people are very impressed with his performance as a rooking.

For instance, check out this report from the New York Times:

On Wednesday, Matthews, selected No. 1 in this year’s draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs, became the first player to score four goals in an N.H.L. debut — a feat he accomplished by the end of the second period in a game at Ottawa. The first three goals came on his first three shots as an N.H.L. player.

And here’s another one from

Matthews has lived up to all expectations of the Leafs and their fans. Now, six games is a very small sample size to say that a number one pick has lived up to expectations and the same could be said about Connor McDavid’s 45 games last season. But even in a very small amount of time, a player can show they are the “real deal” in just a short time.

It’s about watching them play. Matthews has shown that he knows where to be around the net to always have a scoring chance. He’s shown a tremendous ability to make plays out of nothing and has been a threat every time he’s on the ice. Add to that a deceptively fast and accurate shot.

The credit goes to the player himself but let us not forget the people who helped him become who he is — his parents. So let’s end this post with these photos of Auston and his parents Brian and Ema Matthews.

auston matthews parents brian and ema

Here’s a more recent pic of Auston with his mom and dad.

auston matthews parents family

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