Alex Reid as Roxanne: MMA Fighter’s Crossdressing Photos

Alex Reid as Roxanne: MMA Fighter’s Crossdressing Photos. Alex Reid, the MMA fighter who’s banging the unhinged Katie Price/Jordan, apparently loves to dress in women’s clothing. We don’t know whether this means that he also likes to be banged like a woman.

alex reid as roxanne

According to the News of the World, which obtained these photos, one of Alex’s ex-girlfriend Danielle Sims confirms that she has seen Alex cross-dressing: “I went to his parents’ place and his mum told me he was in his room,” she said. “I went up, opened the door and found him sat on the bed dressed as a woman. I didn’t say anything. I just looked and looked. I thought, ‘Why are you wearing women’s clothes?’ It didn’t change my feelings towards him, but it made me feel a bit inadequate.”

Hmm, we wonder whether we will also feel inadequate if our boyfriend also turns out to be a cross-dresser. Would you?

alex reid roxanne crossdresser

Anyhoo, for another sportsman photographed wearing women’s clothes, check out our post on Henry Burris.


UPDATE: Following the revelations that he likes to wear women’s clothes, Alex Reid went public on his cross-dressing ways with the encouragement of his wife, Jordan. Hence, we got these photos of him looking fabulous in girly underwear.

alex reid in women's lingerie underwear

Alex in shiny gold bikini? What’s not to like? Okay, truthfully, he looks as hideous as his wife. Hehe. But we love shiny gold bikinis so let’s give these two a pass.

alex reid crossdressing roxanne


Update: One of our fellow Famewatchers had this to say about the inadequacy felt by Alex’s ex-girlfriend Danielle Sims when she discovered him dressing up as a woman.

Joe says: Do men feel inadequate when a woman wears pants or certain types of shoes? Women sometimes wear neckties now and nobody bats an eye. why should men have to live their lives according to everyone elses insecurities?

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