Henry Burris Bra Realness: Football Quarterback Wears a Woman’s Bra

Henry Burris Bra Realness: Football Quarterback Wears a Bra. Let’s add Canadian Football League quarterback Henry Burris to our list of men who wear women’s underwear. Why is he wearing a bra? And is that woman his wife?

henry burris bra realness

No the woman isn’t his wife. Let’s have him explain what’s happening in the pics. Via the Montreal Gazzette: “It’s not a big deal. Basically, it was a birthday get-together with friends. The question I have to ask is, where are the rest of the pictures? The girl in the picture, I know her and her boyfriend very well, and my wife’s aware of everything, and I really don’t think I should be explaining a birthday party with friends.”

henry burris wearing a bra

He say of those who are misinterpreting the photo to make it look not innocent: “Of course, we’re very annoyed about it. We knew about the situation from the beginning, and it’s amazing that it came up after a loss, but I guess nobody likes a loser, right? But my bottom line is this: I’m not going to be here glorifying somebody trying to mess up a good home. I love my family, and that’s the bottom line.”

The pictures were reportedly taken during Burris’s 35th birthday. Burris is a quarterback for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

Want more men who wear women’s clothes? Check out Stephen Colbert as Raven.


Henry Burris Bra Underwear Update. Canadians may be polite and nice and stuff but it does not mean that they ain’t gonna taunt you if you’re asking for it. For instance, if you are a public figure like footballer Henry Burris and you were photographed wearing a bra, don’t be surprised if the fans of rival teams, like this dude from Regina, go like this:

Reports the Regina Leader Post: “Saskatchewan Roughrider fan found a new way to taunt an old enemy on Sunday — they brought bras and bra signs to tease Calgary QB Henry Burris who was recently photographed at a party wearing a female friend’s underwear.”

Regina, for those of you clueless non-Canadians is the capital city of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan, meanwhile, is the most socialist province of Canada. Right?

Another fan taunts Henry.

Here’s another one with the woman’s image replaced as a dude.

henry burris bra gay or straight

Henry Burris Bra Realness: Football Quarterback Wears a Woman’s Bra. Posted 30 September 2010.