Alex Reid and Yvette Rowland: Killer Bitch Movie Set Photo

Alex Reid and Yvette Rowland: Killer Bitch Movie Set Photo. Mixed martial artist (MMA) Alex Reid may be a silly fool for hooking up with the starting-to-get-unhinged Jordan/Katie Price but you gotta admit he looks like he’s an expert in …… hmmm, how should we say it ….. in pleasing a woman. Which is what the unhinged Jordan reportedly likes about him.

alex reid yvette roland killer bitch2

Want to know more about Alex and Yvette? Here’s what the movie Killer Bitch website says about them:

Alex Reid: Prominent UK cage fighter and former stunt double for Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. Recently much publicised as Katie Price/Jordan’s new boyfriend.

Yvette Rowland: Former regular in UK TV series Byker Grove and Peter Davison’s peaktime ITV1 series Distant Shores. She also co-owns successful production company Gangster Videos and, since 2002, has produced 48 UK and 8 US titles for them. The movie, directed by Liam Galvin is scheduled for release in 2010.


Katie Price aka Jordan and Alex Reid: Noisy Lovers. Hey Alex, don’t you think you deserve someone better? What you doing hooking up with that skanky Jordan? Seriously. MMA fighter Alex Reid and model Jorda reportedly had a very noisy, “banging on the headboard” kind of sex at the Malmaison hotel in Liverpool.

alex reid katie price noisy lovers

From a source who blabbed to News of the World: “They were all over each other earlier in the night. It was clear they needed to get a room. And when they got inside there was a lot of noise, a constant banging. Within about five minutes of them banging the door shut there was another banging noise coming from their room. We certainly couldn’t sleep for it. It was loud! When Jordan came out the next morning she had a huge smile.” Someone should teach these two the art of silent love making!

Alex Reid and Yvette Rowland: Killer Bitch Movie Set Photo. Posted 25 August 2009.