Alek Skarlatos Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? DWTS Army Hunk

Let’s add Alek Skarlatos to our list of DWTS hunks! For those of you who have been living under a rock, Alek is one of several guys who recently prevented a terrorist attack inside a Parisian train. More about Alek from ABC:

Alek became a worldwide hero in August when he helped avert a massacre aboard a Belgian train. While on vacation after a deployment in Afghanistan, the 22 year-old sprang into action when an armed attacker began shooting on the train.

Alek and two of his friends, Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone and student Anthony Sadler, disarmed and subdued the attacker, who was armed with guns and a box cutter. The California native is an avid painter and military history buff. In between National Guard deployments, Alek studies at a local community college and plans to enter the police force.

How will he fare in the DWTS dancing contest? It looks like he’s got the moves (at least in the pic below), so we are optimistic that he will do well.

alek skarlatos dance moves

Alek Skarlatos Shirtless Photos. Aha! This section is for those of you who are looking for some Alek Skarlatos shirtless pics. We grabbed these images from his Instagram account which we suggest you follow (@alekscarlatos) if you want similar photos.

alek skarlatos body hot2

Alek went for a swim in his boxer briefs. Nice!

alek skarlatos underwear boxer briefs2

Alek Skarlatos Gay or Straight? He is straight but this shirtless photo is kind of gay. Hehehe.

alek skarlatos gay kinda

Alek in a shirtless threesome!

Alek Skarlatos shirtless - dancing with the stars

Alek Skarlatos on DWTS. On Dancing With the Stars, Alek will be partnered with pro-dancer Lindsay Arnold. Lindsay was a contestant on the 9th season of Dancing With the Stars. Last 2013, she signed on as a pro dancer with DWTS and placed 8th with her dance partner, boxer Victor Ortiz.

Will her partnership with Alek fare better? We sure hope it will! Here’s Alek and Lindsay:

alek skarlatos dwts partner lindsay arnold

Alek Skarlatos Girlfriend? Does Alek have a girlfriend he is dancing with IRL? There’s no mention on any relationship he may have at the moment so our friend Deena — who has a crush on the real life hero — can continue crushing on him.