Alan Bersten Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Alan Bersten Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. You want another update on our hunky Alan don’t you?

Of course you do!

Did you know that he — and celebrity dance partner Hannah Brown — won the DWTS mirror ball trophy last year? Now, it may be the ugliest trophy in the world but a win, is a win, is a win.

Here’s Alan and Hannah celebrating their victory:

alan bersten winner mirror ball trophy - 28th season

Will Alan win the disco ball trophy for the second time around? Well, you should check him out on the upcoming 29th season of DWTS because he is slated to compete on the show for the fifth time.

Alan Bersten Shirtless Photos, Part III. Oh boy, our Minnesota boy continues to grow hotter and hotter, isn’t he? He knows it too because he keep chucking off his shirts to please his fans. Way to go, Alan!

alan bersten guys in sweatpant

alan bersten shirtless body

Oh, he did some modeling for fellow DWTS dancer Gleb Savchenko’s underwear line. We had to crop the photo because it is too “revealing” and might scandalize Grandma Akita.

alan bersten underwear model for gleb mambo boxer briefs

alan bersten underwear peekabo

Alan Bersten Girlfriend Update. He dated model Alexis Ren who has his dance partner on the 27th season of DWTS. However, the two eventually called it quits. We do not know if Alan is seeing anyone at the moment.

Alan Bersten Shirtless (19 April 2017). Nearly four years later, we are updating this post to bring you more fabulous Alan Bersten shirtless photos.

alan bersten shirtless abs

Our Alan made the headlines recently when he subbed for Maksim C. on Dancing With the Stars.

alan bersten underwear

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Alan will become a DWTS regular.

alan bersten shirtless

Alan Bersten Shirtless (posted 22 June 2013). Thank heavens So You Think You Can Dance is now airing. Actually, its been airing for about a month now but we don’t really get that excited during the early rounds because things are fluid and we don’t know the contestants to cheer for. Now that the Top 20 has been announced, we decided that one of the guys we’d be cheering for would be Alan Bersten, the 19-year-old cutie from Minnetonka, MN.


Why are we cheering for him? Heh. We are cheering for him just because he looks great in tank tops. Okay, not really. We are cheering for him just because…

Anyhoo, our friend Kevin insists that Alan’s older brother, Gene Bersten, should have been the one to move on to the Top 20? Maybe. Maybe not. We think the Bernsten brothers are equally good. But, as reality TV competition goes, we only saw a much-abridged and edited version of what’s happening in the show so we give the judges the benefit of the doubt that they made the right decision. Besides, it appears that Alan and Gene are supportive of each other so it serves no purpose to pit them against each other.

But we do agree with Kevin that Gene is the hotter brother. Well, we agree for now. Hehe. Who knows, Alan may yet “out-hot” his big bro.

alan and gene bersten - shirtless dancers

Actually, they look very much alike when it comes to sexy shirtlessness. So why are you giving the edge to Gene? We are giving him the edge because of this:

gene bersten boxers underwear2

And, finally, this…

gene bersten swimsuit

Anyone who rocks (and impressively fills up) a swimsuit like that deserves an extra 1000 points from us. Yeah, we are that shallow.

Now let’s focus on Alan, shall we? How cute is he in this photo? According to our friend Deena, “He is so cute in the ‘I’d like to bring him home to mama’ kind of way.”

alan bersten - dancer - peekabo underwear

Is that a peekabo underwear we’re seeing? Hehe. Our favorite Alan Bersten shirtless photo is the one below where we see him working out at the gym. Whattahunk!

alan bersten shirtless - so you think you can dance

Here’s more info about him from his Q&A on

Q: What was your reaction to becoming a SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE contestant?
A: EXCITED! I have never been happier in my life!

Q: At what age did you first start to dance?
A: 7 years old

Q: Do you have any formal dance training?
A: Yes

Q: What other training/talents do you have?
A: I played some guitar when I was younger.

Q: Do you currently have a job?
A: I teach Dance at “Dance With Us America.” I have been teaching there for 2 years.

Q: Are you currently in school?
A: I currently go to the University of Minnesota – Twin cities

Q: What dancer from another season would be your dream dance partner?
A: Chelsie Hightower

Q: Which dancer from another season were you most inspired by?
A: Twitch, because he was the most determined to make the show. It took him 3 tries, but he finally made it.

Q: What choreographer do you look forward to working with?
A: Jason Gilkinson, Toni Redpath, Tony Merideth, and Wade Robson

Q: What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
A: That my brother Gene Bersten taught me how to dance.

See! Didn’t we tell you that the Bersten brothers are supportive of each other? Unfortunately, the interviewer didn’t ask him one of the most important question that we shallow Famewatchers are interested in: Does Alan have a girlfriend (or maybe a boyfriend)? Hopefully, we’ll get to know the answer as the competition moves forward. Go, Alan!

Alan Bersten Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend? First Posted 22 June 2013. Last updated: September 12, 2020 at 16:04 pm.