Akshay Kumar Levis Jeans Unbuttoned and Shirtless Photos

Akshay Kumar Levis Jeans Unbuttoned and Shirtless Photos. Look who got themselves in trouble for doing some unbuttoning in public? It’s Indian action star Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna. Their sin? Akshay asked Twinkle to unbutton his Levi’s jeans during a fashion show. A report from AFP states that the Indian police have registered a case against the couple following complaints filed against them for their “vulgar and indecent” performance.

akshay kumar levis jeans unbuttoned

The vulgar and indecent performance, in case you are wondering fellow Famewatchers, involves Twinkle unbuttoning Akshay’s Levis jeans during a fashion show. More from the AFP report:

Kumar, a brand ambassador for Levi’s “Unbuttoned” range, was strutting down the catwalk last week when he stopped in front of his wife, who was seated in the audience, and asked her to undo his trousers.

Huh. When are we all gonna grow up? What’s vulgar and indecent about that? Seriously!

akshay kumar levis model

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Akshay Kumar Levis Jeans Model (posted: 08 April 2009). The silly case filed against Akshay Kumar and his wife aroused our curiosity so we went looking for Akshay’s Unbuttoned photos and found these.

akshay kumar levis button fly jeans unbuttoned

Damn, we’re loving Akshay already. He’s a hottie. Serious, if he is not married we would so love to do the unbuttoning of his Levi’s jeans.

akshay kumar levis unbuttoned


Mens Jeans: Akshay Kumar Models Levi’s 501 (posted: 18 August 2009). Indian actor/model Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna got themselves in trouble when she unbuttoned his Levi’s 501 jeans during a fashion show in India. Conservatives were not too pleased about that; they even lodged a complaint against the couple for being “vulgar”. As we said when we first hear about the stupid complaint, “Uh. Oh. Someone’s got a lot of time in his hands.”

akshay kumar levis male model runway

Anyhoo, here are more photos of the sexy and hunky Akshay Kumar modeling his Levi’s 501 jeans. Who looks hotter, Akshay in his Levis 501 or Zac Efron in his skinny jeans? We gotta say that Akshay is the hotter dude. For one thing, he looks great as a baldie which is something Zac is unlikely to pull off.

More importantly, Akshay’s pants are on fire. Nothing can be hotter than that, right?

hot akshay kumar levis 501 jeans

Akshay Kumar shirtless model on the runway.

akshay kumar modeling levis

Let us take a backview look at this Akshay Kumar Levis jeans, shall we?

akshay kumar levis jeans model

So Famewatchers, who among you owns a pair of Levis Unbuttoned Jeans. Did you and your partner did some public unbuttoning like the act that got Akshay and Twinkle in trouble. Careful, careful!

Akshay Kumar Levis Jeans Unbuttoned and Shirtless Photos posted 6 April 2009. Updated 21 March 2017.