Adam Ashley Cooper Underwear Model for Jockey

Adam Ashley-Cooper underwear

Look who’s rocking his trophy AND his Jockey briefs underwear? It’s our imaginary husband, Adam Ashley-Cooper of the NSW Waratahs! The Waratahs recently won their first-ever Super Rugby Championship in 02 August 2014. If we made a historically significant achievement like winning a championship, we’d be excitedly carrying our trophy too even if we’re not wearing anything. Haha. [Want more hunky rugby players? Check out these NSW Waratahs in Speedos.]

Did you know that Adam is now the spokesmodel of Jockey Underwear? Apparently, he inked a contract with the brand back in 2003 following the footsteps of famous sportsmen like Dan Carter, Mitchell Johnson, and – if you are more into American sports – Tim Tebow. Here’s one of Adam’s modeling photos:

Adam Ashley-Cooper-jockey-performace-underwear

What does our rugby hunk think of his modeling career? Well, he admits that he ain’t no model and won’t be banking on a modeling career:

By the end of the day I knew I was certainly not a model, apparently I don’t have the shoulders to do it. It was actually hard work and gives you a glimpse into what models go through. I hope I make the trunks look fashionable.

And he doesn’t mind being needled by his teammates for posing in his skivvies:

I’m sure my team-mates are going to get a good laugh out of it because I’m usually the first to give grief to the other boys who have done the same. There is always banter to come from shoots like this, especially when you strip down to just your underwear. I’m expecting a few pictures on my locker-room door.

Here’s another Adam Ashley Cooper underwear photo:

Adam Ashley-Cooper-jockey-performace-underwear2

Does Adam Ashley Cooper Have a Girlfriend (or is he gay as our friend Kevin hopes). Sorry Kevin, but Adam ain’t gay. He’s as straight as they come and he does have a girlfriend named Anna Scrimshaw. She is an actress with at least two movies to her credit, Two Door Mansion (2007) and Octopus (2008).

We’re gonna leave you with another of Adam’s Jockey modeling pics. Check it out:


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