50 Cent Leather Jacket and Other Fashion Style

50 Cent Leather Jacket and Other Fashion Style. 50 Cent wearing a leather jacket in this still photo from his movie with Chace Crawford, Twelve. 50 Cent plays a Harlem drug dealer while Chace plays a high school dropout turned dealer.

50 Cent Leather Jacket

You can watch an MTV interview with 50 Cent where he talks about this movie. Movie location photos of Chace here.

50 Cent Leather Jacket twelve movie

Are you looking forward to watching this movie? Do you think it will be a hit in the box-office?

50 Cent Leather Jacket Update. Want more pics of 50 Cent wearing a more badass leather jacket? You might also want to check out the other male celebrity leather jackets we published elsewhere in this blog.

50 Cent Leather Jacket

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50 Cent Fashion Style Update. Want to see more of 50 Cent’s fashion style? Let’s check out the outfits, he’s been spotter wearing shall we? Here’s the American rapper spotted in a True Religion Men’s Jimmy Jacket. Combining a denim jacket with your denim trousers sometimes do not work but 50 Cent makes it work for him.

50 cent fashion style

If you’ve got some impressive bulging muscles, you should show it off too like 50 Cent is doing here. A white tank top shirt is, of course, the right way to go to focus attention to your muscles. You didn’t work out everyday to hide it, did you? So go ahead a wear an athletic shirt a-la 50 Cent.

Of course a shirt and vest ensemble is okay during red carpet events provided that its an informal red carpet event. 50 Cent’s vest is a Dolce & Gabbana Silk and Herringbone Vest. You’re looking cool, eh Mr. 50?

50 cent fashion style dolce gabbana

Before you go ahead and criticize 50 Cent for not going formal in the red carpet, here’s a photo that says that he does go formal when necessary. You’re looking good in your tuxedo, Mr. 50.

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