Swimsuit for Older Men: Mature Celebrity Speedo Hunks

Swimsuit For Older Men. Should older guys wear Speedo swim trunks? Of course, they can wear anything they want. It’s all about comfort, if you’re comfortable in your Speedo then you should go ahead and wear one to the beach or the swimming pool or maybe if you’re just plain sunbathing.

But there are good Speedos and there are bad Speedos. It’s all about the cut and how it suits your body shape. There are swimsuit cuts that are appropriate for you and that gives you a flattering look. And then there are ones that does not suit you at all.

Anyhoo, check out these older more mature celebrities and their Speedo swimsuits.

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel: At 48 years old, Heidi Klum’s husband is one of those guys who should be made to wear nothing but teeny weeny tight Speedos when they go swimming. He’s in great shape, isn’t he?

seal speedo swimsuit

Gary Rourdan: CSI star Gary Rourdan rocks his swimsuit in this beach photo taken three years ago when he was 41 years old.

swimsuit for older men - gary rourdan

Steven Tyler: Who says men in their 60s should not wear Speedos? Not Aerosmith lead singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler.

steven tyler swimsuit for older men

Arnold Schwarzenneger: He may be a cheating husband but the former California governor can still look cool in his Speedo.

swimsuit for older men arnold scharzenneger

Jean Claude Van Damme: The Muscles from Brussels looks like he’s ready to compete for the “Dad From Brussels” title. If there’s a price for Looking Good in Swimsuit For Older Men, Van Damme deserves to be the winner.

hot swimsuit for older men - van damme

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