Michalis Sifakis Speedo Underwear: Shirtless Greek Football Star

Michalis Sifakis Speedo Underwear: Shirtless Greek Football Star. Who likes shirtless photos of Michalis Sifakis wearing nothing but skimpy briefs-style Speedo swimsuit? All of us Famewatchers, don’t we? Well, you won’t be disappointed because our Greek goalkeeper is kinda like David Beckham in the sense that he doesn’t mind stripping off his shirt.

michalis sifakis shirtless

Please tell us we are not the only ones wanting to buy them pair of distressed jeans? Hehehe. Michalis is hot when he goes for the “shirtless footballer” look but it is also important to note that he’s still very much a hottie even if he’s got a shirt to cover his upper gorgeousness.

michalis sifakis hot

Apparently, he’s like our friend Toby who loves him his DSquared shirts. You’ve got good taste in fashion, Mr. Sifakis. You look fab in your football uniform too. Let’s check out Michalis in his football uniform, shall we? Here’s our Greek hottie very much in his element as a goalkeeper.

michalis sifakis footall uniform

michalis sifakis handsome greek football star

Looking good in red.

michalis sifakis football

He goes for the preppy look.

michalis sifakis football uniform

Michalis Sifakis in His Speedo Swimsuit. And now here’s our Greek god drinking some nutritious, delicious, clean, pure, and vitamin/mineral-rich coconut water. No need to mention that he looks good in his Speedo swimsuit. Want more footballers in their underwear? Check out our post on Lionel Messi’s Underwear.

michalis sifakis speedo coconut

From sipping the freshest and cleanest water direct from a coconut nut, Michalis decides to sip the juice of a pineapple directly from the fruit itself. That’s the way do to it honey, saith the pineapple.

michalis sifakis speedo

We saved the best for last for you, fellow Famewatchers. Here’s Michalis in his birthday suit. We don’t know the circumstances which made our Greek god to pose for a picture with nothing except a piece of furniture to cover his modesty but we’d like to think that he’s doing it for a good cause. You know, like the male celebrities who pose nekkid for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Everyman Anti-Cancer Campaign. Way to go, boyfriend. Yeah, we’re totally calling him our beau even if our relationship is only in the realm of our imagination. Hehehe.

michalis sifakis naked for cancer awareness

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