Surf Suits for Men: Male Celebrities Wearing Wet Suits

Surf Suits for Men: Male Celebrities Wearing Wet Suits. Hello there, Mr. Austin Nichols. You look awesome in your surf suit. It would have been more than awesome if you brought along your BFF Jake Gyllenhaal to your surfing adventure. Jake and Austin in their surf wetsuit? That would be great, right?

surf suits for men austin nichols

Oh, Austin, you look awesome without your shirt too. You should remove it more often like that beach boy, Matthew McSomething.

Photos are from the Surfrider Foundation’s 5th Annual Celebrity Expression Session in Malibu, California.


More Surf Suits for Men: Liev Schreiber is a Hot Surf Daddy. As it happens, Austin Nichols isn’t the only celebrity dude who looks good in his surfing suit. Check out the talented actor Liev Schreiber rocking his wetsuit.

liev schreiber wet - no shirt

What a hunky daddy.

liev shcrieber shirtless - chest hair

Liev Schreiber in action.


Watch out for updates in the future as we bring you more celebrity surfers.