Eric Balfour Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Valentino V Hunk

Eric Balfour Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Valentino V Hunk. Why is Eric Balfour going all “bendy-backwards” in the pic above? Kinda slutty, no? He is (or used to be) the celebrity spokesmodel for Valentino’s male fragrance, Valentino V. And you know, of course, how advertising people tend to up the sluttiness to sell a product, right.

Eric Balfour Valentino V Model

The video version of the ad is interesting as it kind of misdirected us to thinking that it is a car commercial.

We’d like to think that all that lying down they made Eric do is some sort of an homage to his controversial movie Lie With Me where we see Eric’s hard you-know-what. You can find the movie elsewhere but here are some shirtless Eric still photos from the movie (we think).

eric balfour shirtless


eric balfour topless

Here’s a question to our male Famewatchers: Are you more likely to buy a perfume (or an underwear) if the promotion sexualizes or objectifies men as in the Valentino V campaign above or would you rather buy men’s products which features female models like the JBS Men’s Underwear campaign we blogged about in the past?

Speaking of underwear, check out our Eric looking pretty good in a pair of green briefs underwear in the TV series Haven. We haven’t heard of the show before but its apparently been airing since 2010. Its apparently on the SyFy Channel which we, unfortunately, do not have.

eric balfour haven underwear

Maybe some of you can tell us what’s going on here?

eric balfour underwear - briefs in haven

Want a closer look at Eric and his green underwear?

eric balfour showing underwear

We’re guessing he is a victim of some crime, kidnapping or robbery perhaps …

eric balfour green briefs underwear

… who eventually got back at his captors and shot them with a gun?

eric balfour underwear photos - haven

But who cares about the story, right? You don’t need a story if Eric’s impressive you-know-what gets all the attention. Haha.

For those of you wondering, no Eric does not appear to have a girlfriend at the moment. He did date actress Leonor Varela but they broke up sometime in 2011.


We’d not be surprised if the breakup sparked (or revived) the internet rumor that our Eric is gay. You know, like the one on IMDB which claims that he shacked up with Ian Somerhalder. Life’s not bad if people think you are playing beautiful music with the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder, no?

eric balfour gay ian somerhalder

Anyhoo, those of you who want more male perfume celebrity spokesmodels might want to go check out our post on the Top Seven Best Men’s Perfumes.

Eric Balfour Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Valentino V Hunk. Posted 10 February 2013.