Jesse Bradford Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Jesse Bradford Underwear and Shirtless Photos. When did you first “discover” Jesse Bradford? For us here at Famewatcher, we discovered him while watching the new NBC sitcom, Guys With Kids. We were like, “Whattacutie!!!” Too bad it might not be renewed. No official word yet from the network about the show’s fate but it kinda struggled in the ratings so its not hard to discern where the wind is blowing.

jesse bradford shirtless

But let’s talk about Jesse Bradford’s hunkiness, shall we? He may be a recent “discovery” for us but the 33-year-old American hunk has been in the biz since 1984 when he was, like, only five years old. Is that awesome or what?

jesse bradford is sexy hot

In 2002, when he was 22-years-old, our Jesse starred in the erotic movie Swimfan which is described as a fatal attraction for teenagers. The object of that attraction is, of course, our Jesse who plays high school swimjock Ben Cronin. Here’s a Speedo-clad Jesse as the high school star swimmer.

jesse bradford wearing speedo - swimfan

Two years later in 2004, Jesse starred in the movie Heights where he did some tongue-tackling with James Marsden. Want some pics of said scene? Here you go:

jesse bradford gay kiss with james marsden

We’re not sure if he also played a gay role in the 2001 film, According to Spencer, but he does share a bed with Adam Goldberg.

Jesse Bradford and Adam Goldberg in according to spencer

A still photo of a shirtless Jesse Bradford from According to Spencer.

jesse bradford chest hair in according to spencer

If you are a fan of indie movies, it is very likely that you have watched the critically acclaimed 2005 movie Happy Endings which starred the talented and divine Lisa Kudrow. Apparently, Lisa’s boytoy in the movie is no other than our Jesse who sported his white briefs underwear in this clip. Watch:

Still pic of Jesse from Happy Endings.

jesse bradford happy endings underwear briefs

For some reason, he’s also stripped to his briefs underwear in this scene from the 2009 movie, Table for Three.

jesse bradford table for three underwear

With Table for Three costars Brandon Routh and Sophia Bush.

jesse bradford in briefs from movie table for three

The best underwear photos of our Jesse we could find would be these ones which were supposedly taken at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival which Jesse attended to promote the movie, Eulogy. Why is he stripping to his undies to promote a movie? Who cares! Just appreciate. Haha.

jesse bradford underwear at the pool - eulogy


jesse bradford underwear briefs - eulogy - sundance film festival 2004

Let’s end this post by answering our Famewatcher Gay or Has Girlfriend Question: Is Jesse Bradford gay or is he straight and has a girlfriend/wife?

Nope he is not gay. And yes, according to, he has a wife named Julie Roberts. The two have been married since 2005 and they have two kids, Owen Jesse (7 years old) and Caleb Michael (5 years old).