Jonathan Groff Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Jonathan Groff Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We were supposed to post this two months ago before the airing of “Looking” but yours truly got lazy, didn’t want to work, didn’t want to leave the couch, and didn’t want to do no blogging. But our grandmama whopped our ass and dragged us off the couch to work or else she’s not gonna give us some of them inheritance so here we are blogging about the gorgeous Jonathan Groff’s shirtless and underwear photos. Hehehe.

What kind of underwear does our 28-year-old actor likes to wear? Apparently, he likes him his boxer briefs underwear. Nah, we’re not really sure, but his character in the 2010 movie Twelve Thirty likes him his boxers.

Jonathan Groff in his boxers.

jonathan groff underwear - boxers - shirtless pic

Here’s an underwear pic from The Singing Forest, a stage play from back in 2009. The very first photo of this post if also from said play.

jonathan groff underwear photo - singing forest2

If we wrote this two months ago, we wouldn’t have included this scene from the fifth episode of HBO’s gay drama, Looking.

jonathan groff looking underwear

You want a close-up pic, doncha?

Question: Does Jonathan have a boyfriend? His ex Zachary Quinto [see Zachary Quinto’s Underwear Photos] is reportedly dating a new guy named Miles McMillan but we still haven’t come across any stories about Jon’s new beau. But he does have a TV-boyfriend in the person of Raúl Castillo (who plays Richie) on the HBO gay series. Check ’em out in the video below:

They look good together, don’t they?