Is Zachary Quinto Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

Is Zachary Quinto Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? The success of the new Star Trek movie which stars the blue-eyed cutie Chris Pine and the other cutie, Zachary Quinto, has prompted a lot of you to ask, “Is Zachary Quinto gay?”

Well, for the record, we don’t know if he is gay but we do know that he looks kinda awesome in them Spock eyebrows of his on Star Trek. We also know that Zachary went kissy kissy with another dude in a movie called — well, we’re too lazy to look up the name of the movie (or maybe its a TV show or something).

is zachary quinto gay

Anyways, wouldn’t it be cool if them producers have some kissy-kissy scenes for Zachary and Chris in them upcoming Star Trek movies. Maybe they should have them do a sauna scene similar to the one above. Hehe. There will be more Star Trek films right?

zachary quinto gay kiss

Is Zachary Quinto Gay Update? Yes he is! Our Zachary is indeed a friend of Dorothy. He came out as a gay man in an interview with in 2011. Now, the next question in everybody’s mind goes, “Does Zachary have a boyfriend?”

Zachary Quinto Boxer or Briefs Underwear. We have to update this post to ask the “briefs or boxers” question for Zachary Quinto. Well, here’s our Star Trek star wearing briefs from the set of his 2010 short film Before After II which, according to IMDB is about “followers, Christmas Sweaters, Santa and his Elf”.

Zachary plays a matador in the short so we don’t know where he fits in.

What brand of underwear does our Zachary wear? According to these photos taken by the papz, our Zac wears Hanes underwear. This makes him “underwear-buddies” with Soulja Boy who also wears Hanes (aside from other brands of course).

zachary quinto underwear briefs by hanes

We see England, we see France, we see Zachary’s underpants.

zachary quinto underwear


Star Trek Movie: Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto – London Premiere (posted 21 April 2009). Looking dapper, these two. And we’re so happy for them for the big break they have in Star Trek. Hope the movie smashes the box office so we will say “boo” to one of our fav actors Matt Damon for turning down the offer to be a part of the movie.

Anyways, congratulations Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Oh, for those of you wondering, Chris is Captain Kirk and Zachary is Spock.