Jake Owen Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?


Jake Owen Shirtless. Does Jake Owen (full name: Joshua Ryan Owen) have the sexiest washboard abs in country music? We sure think he does!

And the guys of People Magazine agree with us which is why, back in 2013, they published a shirtless photo of Jake Owen on the cover of their new Hot Guys issue of PEOPLE Country.

So how did the Yee Haw singer end up sporting them well-defined sculpted washboard abs? By exercising of course! Check him out rocking his knee-raise pull-up bar routine. If that ain’t gonna give you a six pack, we don’t know what will.


Jake Owen Underwear. What kind of underwear does our country singer like to wear? Apparently, he does not wear any! Yup. Our country hunk is a freeballer which is why some of his fans saw Little Jake when he ripped his jeans during a concert performance.

bigfrog104.com tells us more:

Jake Owen had a serious wardrobe malfunction at a show in South Carolina. He went airborne to do the splits and busted his pants wide open. And ladies, he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Here are some images from the incident.


For those who are wondering, the white thing you see him covering his privates is his shirt.


Jake Owen Shirtless Photos. He removed his shirt and fashioned it to an underwear. Not bad, eh?


What does Owen say about his wardrobe malfunction? Here’s what he said in an interview with cbslocal.com:

“I split my pants, man, and I wasn’t wearing underwear because I don’t, really…” Owen said. “I felt a little cold draft of air, kind of swooped into my pants there and I realized at that point that I had a malfunction.

“The worst part I was still had half of that song to finish and a whole other song, if I had just left the stage (fans) would have been like ‘that’s BS’ … We tried to tape it, but it was too big to be taped.”

That’s when several people in the interview room whooped.

“I’m talking about the tear in my pants, it was too big to be taped!” Owen protested, laughing. “You guys, your mind is in the gutter here in Detroit.”

Jake Owen Gay or Straight? He is straight and married. But he welcomes gay country singers and hopes Nashville will be welcoming as well. Here’s what he said in an interview with etonline.com:

I want to touch on a few hot topics with you. First, Ty Herndon recently came out on our show and Billy Gilman followed suit on YouTube. Is Nashville finally ready to support gay stars?
I hope so! I think they’ll support anyone who wants to fulfill a dream. That’s the beautiful thing about music and the way that music is being heard by people — it’s open to whoever wants to listen. I think that’s great what they’re doing.

So that’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. We leave you with this fabulous wedding photo of Jake and his wife, Lacey Buchanan.

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