Christian Bale Leather Jacket: Dark Knight – Belstaff Blouson Leather. Christian Bale and his Belstaff Blouson leather jacket in his blockbuster of a movie, The Dark Knight. Can you believe this movie made one billion US dollars worldwide? There was no doubt it was gonna be a blockbuster because it’s a superhero franchise and all but that’s effin US$1 billion, man!

christian bale leather jacket dark knight belstaff blouson

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How Much is a Belstaff Leather Jacket? How much money should you put in your wallet (or reserve in your credit card) if you are planning to buy one of those fabulous leather jackets? It depends, of course, on the particular jacket you are interesting in buying but the company’s website reveals that the price ranges from the most affordable $1,495 to the most expensive $4,995.

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