Jack DePew Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Jack DePew Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. So, we were on TikTok watching the various videos on the For You Page and then the algorithm gave us that clip on Two Broke Girls where Max and Caroline had two Amish guys build them a barn for their horse in exchange for staying at their apartment. Boys, were we sooo in love with those guys when their episode aired on TV. They’re just so cute, so hot, and so innocent of the ways of the world. Oh, they were so curious too which made them even more endearing. Haha.

jack depew hot amish farmer with Brandon W Jones in 2 broke girls

jack depew underwear shower in two broke girls

Anyhoo, the TikTok clip prompted us to learn more about the actors who played the roles and, after some googling, we learned that they are Jack DePew (who played the older dude named Jacob) and Brandon Jones (who played the younger Jebediah). As you already know, this post is about Jack and his hunkiness. We will do a separate post for Brandon in the future.

jack depew shirtless amish farmer with Brandon W Jones in 2 broke girls

A native of Los Angeles, California Jack is now a married man. He tied the knot in October last year with actress Bailey Noble. Here’s a photo of their wedding which we grabbed from Jack’s Insta (follow him @upjack):

jack depew wife - wedding with bailey noble depew

How did the two meet? Wedding registry zola.com tells us the story: “Jack and Bailey met years before their first date, at an audition for a film in Los Angeles. Their paths crossed a few more times over those years and they always made brief, yet exciting conversation. Little did they know, they were talking to their forever person! It was ultimately a message from Jack that brought them together. A day at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles was in the calendar for June 3rd, 2017. They spent that entire day, learning about each other and exploring Downtown LA. When the day was done, they knew they wanted to be in each other’s lives! Two days later they became inseparable.”

jack depew wife bailey noble depew @upjack on instagram jackson dean

Awwww! How cute is that? They look so good together too!!!!

Jack DePew Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Because we know lots of you appreciate pretty men like Jack, we went a-searching for shirtless pics of the guy and we were not disappointed. Yay!

jack depew hot in wet jeans

Unfortunately we can’t find pics of Jack in his underoos but, when we do, we will update this post to include it here.

jack depew shirtless young male model

jack depew underwear in the happys

jack depew gay or straight

jack depew shirtless model

To date, the actor has starred in 23 movies and TV shows the latest of which is Yellowjackets where he played the role of young Jeff Sadecki. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll continue to be cast in more projects in the future because a perfect man like this deserves to be seen on the big screen as well as on the tube.

jack depew shirtless

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