Juan Martin Berberian, Rugby Player, Dieux du Stade Calendar


Argentine rugby player Juan Martín Berberian is such a tease, isn’t he? Drop the shorts, darling. Here’s more about this cutie from a Google translation of his wikipedia entry:

Juan Martín Berberian, born April 25 1977 in Mar Del Plata (Argentina), is a player of rugby and seven Argentine who plays for the post of winger (1.90 m per 100 kg).

He arrived in France in December 2005 as a wildcard medical response to injuries to Perpignan from Julien Laharrague and Diego Giannantonio.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have of the guy. Maybe you know more info about him such as does he have a girlfriend, is he married, does he wear boxers or briefs, does he wear long johns underwear when he goes to sleep. You know, those kinds of things.

More picture of this Argentine stud from the Dieux du Stade 2010 calendar.


UPDATE: For those of you who are not satisfied with still photos of our Argentine hunk, we’ve got a video for you featuring the beautiful rugby player. However be warned that you shouldn’t be watching this video at work.

We think this video was taken when they were doing the photoshoot for Juan Martin’s Dieux du Stade modeling stint. You’ll be seeing a lot (and we mean, A LOT) of him in the video which will make you go, “Oh my God. He’s achingly handsome” which was the reaction of our friend Kevin.

2008 Juan Martin Berberian by galebi

If you’re more interested in Juan Martin’s rugby information and less interested in seeing him in the buff, well we’ve got that covered too because we came across some more details about our guy courtesy of espnscrum.com. Here it is:

Full name: Juan Martin Berberian Blanco
Born: April 25, 1977, Mar del Plata
Major teams: Argentina Jaguares, Argentina
Position: Fullback, Wing
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 206 lb

Oh, and we’ve got a video of him running around the rugby field (Question: Is the rugby field also called a “pitch”?). So you can, sort of, judge for yourself his rugby playing skills.

It’s a pretty cool video, huh? It prompted a Youtube commenter to say this:

i’m beginning to notice how hot rugby players are! who knew it was a sport filled with pretty boys?!

We couldn’t agree more. To be sure, one of the prettiest rugby player is our Juan Martin. You agree, right?