Celebrities With Money Problems: Financial Lawsuits vs. Famous People

Celebrities With Money Problems: Financial Lawsuits vs. Famous People This is a compilation of our blog posts on lawsuits filed by or against celebrities that involve financial matters. Either they’re not paying someone, or they paid someone they shouldn’t have paid, or someone cheated them of their money, et cetera. Let’s begin with:

Dane Cook vs. His Brother Darryl McCauley (20 March 2009): Look who’s been finally charged for swindling his own brother? It’s Darryl McCauley (left), that’s who. For those of you not familiar with this case, Darryl is half brother to actor Dane Cook. He was Dane’s business manager and he allegedly stole millions from his own brother.

Celebrities With Money Problems Dane Cook

He’s now been charged with eight counts of larceny over $250, forgery and larceny by continuous scheme. Among others, McCauley is being accused of forging a $3 million check written from his brother’s account to himself. With a brother like this, who needs enemies?

Don Johnson vs. Rysher Entertainment (17 February 2009): Next in our list of celebrities with money problems is Don Johnson who is reportedly suing the produces of the TV cop show, Nash Bridges. He claims that the producers should have given him a 50% share of the income from the show’s syndication which amounts to over $150 million.

Celebrities With Money Problems Don Johnson

According to TMZ, Johnson is claiming that he’s a co-owner of the copyright of the show and, as such, he is entitled to 50% of the profits. He alleges that he hasn’t received any of his share so he decided to sue Rysher Entertainment.

Adel Bebaway vs. Mario Van Peebles (19 March 2009): Damages actor Mario Van Peebles is being sued by a woman named Adel Bebaway who claims that Mario lied about the condition of his condo unit which he sold to her. Adel alleges that she bought Mario’s Playa del Rey beach house for $1.375 million only to find out that the “floor sloped” and that the bathroom is moldy.

What would you do Famewatchers, if you were in Adel’s shoes? We guess we’ll be suing too. We can live with a moldy bathroom but a sloping floor needs major work.

Liberty DeVitto vs. Billy Joel Over Royalties (26 May 2009): Let’s add Billy Joel to the list of artists being sued by their former collaborators. In this case, Billy is being sued by his former drummer Liberty DeVitto who is claiming that he’s not been paid his royalties.

So why are you not paying your drummer, eh Billy? With 100 million records sold worldwide, you sure can afford to share the moolah. Anyways, we’re not really saying that Billy owes Liberty anything. After all, that is for the court to find out and decide upon.

Philippe Restaurant vs Dennis Rodman (09 May 2009): Is Dennis Rodman so out of money that he’s now trying to escape from paying his bills. Or is he just a crazy badass who thinks he can get away with any bad behavior imaginable. It’s got to be the latter right?

Anyways, the manager of Philippe Restaurant in Miami is accusing Dennis Rodman and his entourage of not paying their dinner bill and of assaulting the restaurant staff who tried to collect from them.

According to a TMZ report, Rodman and some friends had dinner at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami, and then left without paying the bill. When the manager and general manager of the restaurant tried to stop Rodman’s party from leaving, an altercation erupted and the GM got punched in the face — allegedly by a member of Rodman’s posse.

TMZ reports on why Rodman is in this list of celebrities with money problems:

We spoke to the manager of Philippe, the restaurant in the hotel where all the drama happened. He tells us Dennis’ party finished eating and tried to skip out on their $1000 tab. That’s when they were chased down the street by management. During this portion of the altercation, Dennis went upstairs to the rooftop club. Police were called and one of Dennis’ posse was put in handcuffs.

The restaurant agreed not to press charges if the bill was paid, and another member of Dennis’ crew spotted the cash. Apparently during all the commotion, Dennis conveniently disappeared, but the Manager confirms Dennis ate with the rest of his crew before making his exit.

So Dennis was hiding his ass when this was happening? Ahh Dennis, you’re classy as always.

Collective Management vs. Roselyn Sanchez (07 May 2009): Look who’s being sued for “thumbing her nose at the people who built her career”? It’s Without a Trace sexy lady Roselyn Sanchez.

Celebrities With Money Problems Roselyn Sanchez

According to a lawsuit filed by her former management company, The Collective Management Group, Roselyn owes them $137,628 in back payment from when they got her her TV gig.

American Technologies vs. Ichiro Suzuki (29 April 2009): Seattle Mariners all-star Ichiro Suzuki is getting sued for, allegedly, not paying his home construction bills.

Celebrities With Money Problems Ichiro Suzuki

In a lawsuit filed before the Los Angeles Superior Court, American Technologies claims that Suzuki hired them to perform construction and remediation services at his Los Angeles home but the baseballer has failed to pay his bills amounting to $131,774.25. Hey Suzuki, what’s the problem? Is it true you did not pay your bills? Should we include you in our list of celebrities with money problems?

Jean René vs. Sean Connery (02 March 2009): Sean Connery is being sued for allegedly scamming a friend named Jean Rene. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Rene’s surviving family are accusing the James Bond actor “of selling millions of pounds worth of assets which René had used as collateral against loans he took from Connery.

Following the death of Jean Rene, his family tried to get back his collaterals, which include a villa and some diamonds, but Connery have already sold them.

Says Rene family spokesman Ricky Galliano: ‘Neither the diamonds nor the property were Mr Connery’s to sell. The loans were being paid back in the proper fashion, and there was no reason for Mr Connery to get rid of the guarantees. The family is asking for all profits from the diamonds and property to be handed back, together with any other items used as loan guarantees.’

Jack Nicholson vs. Mark Canton Lawsuit (25 April 2009): Jack Nicholson is suing Hollywood producer Mark Canton for an unpaid loan in the amount of $1.2 million.

How did Jack end up lending money to Mark. TMZ is reporting that it went like this: Mark owed money to a bank which Jack bought (the loan, not the bank) when Mark defaulted so Mark now owes Jack the money. Since Mark has not paid back the loan, Jack is now suing his ass to give him the money.

We hope these two were not friends prior to their loan transaction because this could end up irreparably damaging their relationship. Also, we don’t like to have an icon like Jack Nicholson be in a list of celebrities with money problems.

Celebrities With Money Problems: Financial Lawsuits vs. Famous People. Posted 20 March 2009. Last update 30 November 2017.