Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition

Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition. You loved our post on Older Men in Speedos so we went like, “Hmmm, maybe we should do another post on men who love to wear Speedos but this time focusing on younger guys?”

When she heard us our friend Deena went like, “Nah, you’ll likely have a hard time finding photos. Speedos are a boomer and maybe Gen-Xer thing. We doubt you’ll find any millennials and Gen-Zers out there wearing briefs style Speedos.”

Na, ah, Deena! We do not agree with you. Didn’t Zac Efron, a quintessential millennial if there ever was one, wear an American flag Speedo?

young men in speedo zac efron

Anyhoo, fellow Speedo-lovin’ Famewatchers, we made a list of guys from the younger generation who are rocking their skimpy swimwear. Let’s start with American singer Steve Grand who sure is bringing the “Speedo look” to the otherwise conservative genre of country music:

young men in speedo steve grand

Next up is French Romain Bonnet who stars on the real estate reality show Selling Sunset:

young men in speedo romain bonnet

Speaking of reality stars, is Nyle Di Marco the winningest reality star out there? He won America’s Next Top Model and then Dancing With the Stars. He is winning in life too as he’s now a legit actor and producer. Specifically, he executive produced the show Deaf U which you can watch on Netflix.

young men in speedo nyle di marco

Matheus Fracari is an Instagram model from Brazil:

young men in speedo Matheus Fracari

Circus artist Jordan Adams is currently based in Sydney, Australia:

young men in speedo jordan adams circus artist may be australian

Looking for Italian hotties who love them some skimpy Speedos? Well check out our imaginary beau Giacomo Cavalli in the pic below:

young men in speedo Giacomo Cavalli

South African singer Dirk van der Westhuizen rocks his Speedo as he walks on the beach:

young men in speedo Dirk van der Westhuizen

Australian rugby hunk Casey Conway takes a shower:

young men in speedo casey conway

Hunky actor Alex Pettyfer poses in his budgy smuggler:

young men in speedo alex pettyfer

Singer and actor Joey Diamond is probably one of the most enthusiastic Speedo wearers out there:

young men wearing speedo joey diamond

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Brit crew Ashraf Ejjbair:

young men in speedo Ashraf Ejjbair RuPaul's Brit Crew2

And here’s another hunk from Rupaul’s Drage Race UK, Tony Fordham who’s not only a member of the Brit crew but is a full time NHS doctor as well.

young men in speedo brit crew Tony Fordham2

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