Augusto Aguilera Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Augusto Aguilera Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Who’s the chiseled guy in Versace briefs underwear and what is he doing with that machete? Oh, and who’s the bespectacled lady by the door looking at him?

We do not know who the girl is but the hunky guy is Augusto Aguilera. He is an American actor and the photo is a screencap from the Amazaon TV mini-series Too Old To Die Young where he played the role of Mexican cartel member Jesus Rojas.

augusto aguilera underwear in too old to die young

Here are more screencaps from the show which has a pretty good 70% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

augusto aguilera underwear in too old to die young2

Jesus is a stylish dude, ain’t he? His jewelry is on point and he sure knows his designer fashion because he is wearing a Versace. Come to think of it, we wonder whether anyone has ever made a study about drug lords, cartel members, gangsters, and their love for designer fashion. It seems to be a trope in movies and TV shows and maybe there’s something to it?

augusto aguilera underwear - versace briefs

Augusto Aguilera Shirtless Photos. Let’s have more shirtless pics of our Latino hunk shall we? Here’s one from the new HBO series Made for Love which premiered this April:

augusto aguilera shirtless in made for love

We grabbed the next pic from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @augusto_aguilera:

augusto aguilera shirtless body

And here are more screencaps from Too Old To Die Young:

augusto aguilera shirtless in too old

augusto aguilera shirtless

augusto aguilera too old to die young

augusto aguilera body workout in too old

To date, Augusto has starred in 16 films and TV shows including the 2018 movie The Predator where he played the role of Nettles. Here’s the actor promoting with movie with co-star Thomas Jane who played Baxley.

augusto aguilera gay or straight with thomas jane for predator promo

Attending the premiere of The Predator:

augusto aguilera hot in suit

With pal Jason Momoa:

augusto aguilera with jason momoa

Augusto Aguilera Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no answers to these questions at this point but we will update this post in the future when we have the information.

Onscreen, we have this scene in Too Old To Die Young which our friend Kevin describes as “kinda homoerotic”. Because we haven’t watched the show, we really can’t say what is happening but from the context of the video, it looks like his cartel initiation or something.

augusto aguilera gay with roberto aguire in too old2

augusto aguilera gay with roberto aguire in too old3

Anyhoo, let’s end this post with this pic of Augusto when he was younger, shall we? What a cutie!

Augusto Aguilera younger and hot

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