Womens Newsboy Cap: Female Celebrities Wearing Houndtooth Hats

Womens Newsboy Cap: Female Celebrities Wearing Houndtooth Hats. We’ve been blogging about newsboy caps but we mostly blogged about male celebs wearing them such as Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Brent, and footballer David Beckham.

newsboy caps for girls

Now, its the turn of the girl celebrities of Hollywood to wear their newsboy hats. Who of these girls is rocking her hat the best? Our vote goes to Bad Teacher star Cameron Diaz. We like her plaid hat. But we are loving the fact that she’s looking a little tipsy and is about to fall over. Been imbibing some alcohol eh, Cameron.

womens newsboy cap cameron diaz

Is Oscar Award-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones trying to go incognito with the help of a leather newsboy hat? Sadly, it didn’t work for her. Better luck next time, Catherine. Better yet, embrace your celebrity fame.

female celebrity newsboy cap

We’re loving this look from Cristina Aguilera. She gorgeous and looks very much like a doll. We also give Christina props for her comeback via the NBC hit show, The Voice. We thought she’s been relegated to Hasbeenville but she’s proved us wrong. Way to go, Christina.

womens newsboy cap christina aquilera

Janet Jackson in an all-black ensemble including her newsboy hat. What’s keeping her busy these days? We heard she’s touring and she’s just performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London about a week ago.

janet jackson womens newsboy cap

Ahh Paris Hilton, she helped jumpstart the reality television genre but it looks like its no longer working for her. We heard her latest attempt to go back on TV bombed, bombed, and bombed. Well, she will always have her cellphone, her big glasses, and her newsboy hat.

womens newsboy hat paris hilton

Half of the biggest gay couple in Hollywood apparently likes her her newsboy hat which really is a pretty cool accessory when you go to the beach.

womens newsboy caps portia de rossi

Don’t you just love Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi?

Womens Newsboy Cap: Female Celebrities Wearing Houndtooth Hats. Posted 10 July 2011. Updated 23 May 2017.