White Suits For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

White Suits For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch. As it happens, our imaginary beau that is Matt Bomer ain’t the only one who can rock his white suit. Celebrities in Hollywood and other parts of the world look great in white suit too so we decided to update this post to give you more white-suit-wearin’ hunks.

Let’s begin with our favorite Chris. We like the other Hollywood Chrises (or whatever is the plural form of Chris) but we are drawn to Chris Pine’s easy charm and style. Anyhoo, here’s Chris and his fabulous white tuxedo suit at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

men in white suits - chris pine

Speaking of Hollywood Chrises, here’s Chris Brown looking cool in his white suit at the Grammys. Want more hot men in suits?

white suits for men - chris brown at the grammys

Donald Glover poses on the Grammy red carpet. We just finished binging Community but we plan to binge it again in a month or two because we love the Community peepz so much. Come on Netflix, do a movie already!

celebrity white suits - donald glover

Korean actor Song Jae-rim kinda looks sad in the pic below. Is he visiting a grave, what with the flower and all? Nah, it’s likely just a photoshoot.

white suits for men - song jae-rim

Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra wins the best in white suit award. For us, the tie he’s wearing makes his whole ensemble pop.

white suits for men - Sidharth Malhotra

Ed Westwick on the set of …. ummmm … we can’t remember the show he was in but we know his name is Chuck Bass. Oh wait, it’s Gossip Girl.

celebrity white suits - ed westwick

Dude, Russel Brand, why are you holding an egg?

white suits for men - russel brand

Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of the Great Gatsby.

celebrity white suits men - leonardo di caprio in great gatsby

White Gucci Suits for Men: Matt Bomer Fashion (17 April 2010). Want more white suits for men? Well, here’s Matthew Bomer looking “1980s hot” in his white suit. Matthew currently stars in USA Network’s White Collar. How would you compare Matt’s look with the other white-suit wearing celebrities (who happen to be famous athletes): French rugby player Maxine Medard and winter Olympian Bode Miller?

white suits for men matt bomer

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