White Suits For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

men in white suits - chris pine

White Suits For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch. As it happens, our imaginary beau that is Matt Bomer ain’t the only one who can rock his white suit. Celebrities in Hollywood and other parts of the world look great in white suit too so we decided to update this post to give you more white-suit-wearin’ hunks.

Bode Miller Shirtless Photos, Fashion Style, Girlfriend

bode miller fashion white suit

Bode Miller Shirtless Photos, Fashion Style, Girlfriends (first posted 4 February 2010, updated below). Olympic alpine skier Bode Miller is looking very much like the Hollywood hunk that is Gerard Butler, no? The American winter sports hottie sure is a good looking bloke. There’s this rough masculinity about him that’s very attractive. You know, unlike Beckham who looks pampered and groomed from head to toe, Bode is that guy who does not worry about getting his hair combed but who still looks cool.

Arab Male Model of the Day: Ahmad “AJ” Abualrub

What do you think of the outfit? To be honest, we are not loving it. Underwear is supposed to invite the curious to want to see more but this jeans-as-underwear is a bit of a turn-off. Anyhoo, for a conventional underwear modeling photo of our Arab hunk of the day, here’s AJ posing in a long coat and an Emporio Armani briefs. Pic is from the the 2010 NYFW Ford show package.

aj abualrub underwear model - ny fashion week show package