Vintage Rolex Watches: Martin Luther King’s Datejust & Marlon Brando’s GMT Master II

Vintage Rolex Watches: Marlon Brando’s GMT Master Amazing black and white photos of Hollywood superstar Marlon Brando wearing his GMT Master watch. Whoever took these photos deserve props for capturing the mysterious awesomeness of the man. He’s a bald sexy badass isn’t he?

Well, he’s not considered the greatest actor of all time for nothing.


Today in vintage watches, we bring you Martin Luther King and his Rolex Datejust watch.

Okay, here’s a pop culture question for you: What do Bryan Williams, Harrison Ford and Martin Luther King have in common? These guys (and gal, in the case of Kim) all wear (wore in the case of MLK) a Rolex Datejust . We kinda feel bad putting the great civil rights leader MLK in a group with girl-with-the-great-behind Kim K, but it’s more interesting this way. Hehe.

Anyway, check out these iconic black and white photographs of civil-rights leader Martin Luther King and his Rolex watch.

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