Thure Lindhardt Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight?

Thure Lindhardt Boyfriend Update. Turns out that the Danish hunk is gay which, as we suggested in our original post below, made our friend Kevin happy.

According to wikipedia, Thure was in a relationship with actor/dancer Silas Holst but the two broke up as far back as 2010. Awww. We somehow missed the info about Thure and his beau and their subsequent breakup but they might have kept their dating very private.

Anyhoo, here’s a photoshopped image of Thure and Silas looking cool.

thure lindhardt boyfriend silas holst

Is Thure in a relationship at the moment? We do not know but, as often happens here on Famewatcher, we will update this post in the future when we have the info.

Now, we’ve deleted the shirtless and underwear photos of Thure which we published below but here are Grandma Akita-approved substitutes.

thure lindhardt shirtless body

thure lindhardt shirtless

thure lindhardt underwear

Thure Lindhardt Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight (posted 21 August 2012). A shirtless Thure Lindhardt is our latest addition to our list of Danish Hunks. He is now our imaginary boyfriend. We never had an imaginary Danish beau before so this is a first. Haha. He is boyishly cute and he reminds us of Viggo Mortensen.

thure lindhardt

Anyhoo for those of you who are like “Who is Thure Lindhardt?”, he is a Danish actor who is starring in an upcoming film called Keep the Light On, an LGBT movie about an “emotionally and s*xually charged journey of two men in New York City through love, friendship, and addiction.”

thure lindhardt gay or straight

Here’s the poster for the movie which also stars Zachary Booth (Damages) as a closeted lawyer.

thure lindhardt shirtless keep lights

This is not the first time for Thure to star in an LGBT film. In the 2009 film Brotherhood (Broderskab), he starred as a neo-Nazi who falls in love with Jimmy (played by Daniel Dencik), right-hand man to their group leader. The two end up in bed together and this is where we see Thure and Daniel in their underwear. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photos.]

Given his movies, we are not surprised that some of Google’s autosuggested search words for this talented actor are: Thure Lindhardt boyfriend, Thure Lindhardt gay, and Thure Lindhardt wife.

Unfortunately for you, we do not know the answer to said queries. If he bats for the other team, our friend Kevin will be happy. If he’s into girls and not guys, Deena will be the happy one. As if they’ll ever have the chance to bag him in the sack. Hehe. Dream on, Kev and Deena.

Anyhoo, Thure has gone Hollywood from his native Denmark. He was cast as the Swiss guard Chartrand in the Tom Hanks hit, Angels and Demons.

thure lindhardt hot

You will also see him in Byzantium, a vampire movie directed by Neil Jordan. It is scheduled for a 2012 release according to IMDB.

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