Swiss Male Athlete Hunks: Football, Hockey, Swimming

Swiss Male Athlete Hunks: Football, Hockey, Swimming. It’s Swiss month here at Famewatcher, so let’s have another post about Swiss hot men and this time we are focusing on the tiny country’s male athletes.

When you say “Swiss athlete” these days, the first guy that comes to your mind will most likely be the great Roger Federer. We love, love, love The Fed and we’re not the only ones (did you know that a German town changed the name of a street, Weststrasse, to Roger Federer Allee?), but there are other Swiss male athletes who are just as cool and hot as Roger. Here are seven of them.

First up is footballer Alexander Frei who plays for the Swiss Axpo Super League. He also captains the Swiss national football team and is the leading scorer for his country to date (42 goals in 84 games). One of the endearing qualities of this football jock is the willingness to show his emotions. He grabbed headlines when he cried after he was pulled out of the UEFA Euro 2008 following a bad injury. The Swiss people cried with him according to the newspaper SonntagsZeitung which reported that, “The whole of Switzerland is crying with Frei.” Cool dude, huh? [Want more football hunks?]

Speaking of hot Swiss footballers, is there anyone hotter than Philippe Senderos? Well, if you know of one who can “out-hot” this bald hunk then tell us about it in the comments. Swiss people are known to speak several languages and Philippe is a fine example of this as he speaks six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Serbian. Can you beat that, Beckham?

Another Swiss football player is Bruno Berner. He turned pro in 1997 but, sadly, retired last March 2012. How cool is Bruno? Well, he earns 100 cool points from us for running a blog, And you know how we love and become fans of celebrities (especially athletes) who blog don’t you? We love how Bruno wrote about a meeting with The Mighty Fed (via

“The dressing room was lively; we were chatting and giving banter in all directions, but with his first step into our dressing room, he immediately gained our full attention.

“Everyone and everything just stood still; silence. Then, with a kind smile he delivered the words “Hi guys, how are you? It’s an honour to be here.”

“An honour? For him to be with us? Wow! Roger Federer is a huge FC Basel supporter and the champion himself, the greatest ever, was as kind as to speak a few words to us. He encouraged us: “‘Gentlemen, if it doesn’t work, keep trying hard and never give up. Don’t listen too much to other people. Stay on your path and believe in what you are doing.’

“To be honest, I’ve heard these words many times before from academy coaches, managers, team mates, friends and family members. But to hear it from a true champion, that’s another story.”

Now, before you think Swiss athletes are only about football and tennis, we’d like to tell you that they’re also about ice hockey. Here are three Swiss hockey players who are making a name for themselves in the National Hockey League (NHL). [Want more hockey hunks?]

Mark Streit is the captain of the NY Islanders as well as the Swiss hockey national team. One of his most memorable achievements in the rink is helping beat Canada (you know how hockey-crazy Canadians are, don’t you?) at the 2006 Winter Games.

Like Mark Streit above, nineteen-year-old Nino Niederreiter also plays for the NY Islanders. Nino earns the distinction as the highest drafted Swiss hockey player when he was picked fifth overall during the 2010 NHL draft. He’s a young kid, so expect to see more of him in the future.

Another Swiss athlete who still has years of hockey playing ahead of him is 21-year-old Roman Josi. Roman plays for the Nashville Predators and for Switzerland during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Lets end this post with swimming hunk Dominik Meichtry who will be seeing action in the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games. He won a silver medal (200 meter freestyle) during the 2008 European Championships and was voted as one of Switzerland’s Top 10 Male Athletes during that year.