Swim Jammers Price and Brand Guide: Speedo, Nike, Arena, TYR

Swim Jammers Price and Brand Guide: Speedo, Nike, Arena, TYR. Looking for swim jammers but you don’t know the brand to buy? Well, this is your swim jammers guide where we talk about the various swimsuit brands, who’s wearing them, and how much do they cost.

TYR Swim Jammer. Let’s star with TYR swim jammer. The Men’s Alliance Splice Jammer Swimsuit will cost you $45.99. It is “constructed with Xtra Life Lycra and recycled nylon, which provides a long-lasting fit and resists chlorine 5-10x longer than ordinary spandex”. Famous swimmers spotted wearing a pair of TYR swim jammer is Rick Berens:

jammer suits for men - Ricky Berens - TYR

Arena Swim Jammer. How much to pay for a pair of Arena swimwear? Apparently, Arena jammers range from the affordable £50 to expensive ones that go as high as £260. Famous people who wear Arena include Cameron van Der Burgh of South Africa.

jammer swimsuit for men - cameron van der burgh for arena

Speedo Swim Jammer. Speedo jammers range from a basic $38 to the really expensive LZR Elite 2 High Waist Jammer which costs $329. Why would be the latter be that expensive? Probably because it is equipped with LZR Pulse + Fabric technology which has the following features: 40% more durable water repellency; full body compression reduces muscle oscillation; and contours the body into an efficient hydrodynamic shape.

Here’s swimmer Liam Tancock in a Speedo Lzr jammer swimsuit.

jammer swimsuit for men - liam tancock for speedo lzr racer

Is James Magnussen wearing Speedo jammers?

jammer swimsuit for men - james magnussen

Nike Swim Jammer. You can buy one for $52. It’s manufacturer says it “made with durable, chlorine-resistant stretch fabric for long-lasting comfort and a snug, comfortable fit ideal for long training sessions”. It’s features include the following: interior drawcord at waist for a snug, adjustable fit; built-in briefs for support and enhanced comfort; and flat seams for minimal irritation due to chafing.

There are tons of competitive swimmers who wear Nike and one of the American swimmer Nathan Adrian.

jammer swimsuit for men - nathan adrian in nike

Mizuno Swim Jammer as seen on Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima and a girl (we’re assuming she’s also a competitive swimmer).

jammer swimsuit for men -Kosuke Kitajima for mizuno

Adidas Swim Jammers are being sold by anywhere from $17 to $120 in online stores. Guys who own Adidas swim jammers include this guy. Can you please ID him?

jammer swimsuit for men - adidas - unnamed swimmer

That’s it for now fellow SwimFashion watchers!