Superhero Speedo: The World’s Best Men’s Swimwear?

Superhero Speedo: The World’s Best Men’s Swimwear? Our friend Kevin is belatedly criticizing us for saying that the swimwear we published earlier is the world’s best swimwear ever. To use his words, “it’s tacky and tasteless and ridiculous to be the world’s best swimwear”.

Oh come on, Kevin, lighten up okay!

Anyhoo, Kevin argues that the world’s best swimwear are those worn by the world’s heroes because, after all, they’re outfits worn by people who are saving the world. Probably to prove his point (we honestly don’t know) he sent us these comic book photos of Superheroes wearing Speedo swimsuits. (Yeah right, Kevin. These are only fictional heroes and not heroes in real life. Duh!)

So what do you think of these Superheroes and their swimwear? First up would be Nick Fury and Tony Stark. Their blurb goes: “Two cool dudes in a loose mood” and goes on to tell us that Stark is wearing a “modest” low-rise bikini briefs while his partner is wearing a broad-banded bikini briefs.

superhero speedo hunks nick fury and anthony stark

Next in Kevin’s list of Speedo-wearing Superheroes is the impossibly chiseled Prince Namor. We don’t know much about his story as we are not comic book nerds.

superhero speedo hunks prince namor

Another cartoon of Prince Namoor rocking his Speedo. He made it to the cover too! Congratulations, Prince Namoor for being a cover boy. Yay.

superhero speedo hunks namor

And here’s Quasar tanning under the sun. This one’s probably our favorite just because… Haha. Want more men in Speedo?

superhero speedo hunks quasar tanning

And last but not the least, here’s a threesome featuring Cyclops, Bishop, and Gambit.

superhero speedo hunks Cyclops Bishop and Gambit

For her part, Deena tells us that the best men’s swimwear are those that make a statement, like these patriotic guys standing up for their flag.

Deena adds that Santa Speedos are “statement Speedos” too because they spread the idea of sharing and giving. (Yeah right, Deena. That “statement” thingie is crap. You just want to see guys in Speedos. Hehe.)

World’s Best Swimwear? (20 May 2010). This has got to be the world’s best swimwear for men ever? What do you think? Seriously, we don’t think these Speedo guys can beat this man in terms of the awesomeness of the swim shorts he’s wearing. Yay for creative menswear designers!

worlds best swimwear

But you what what would have made this swimwear more awesome? If the photo of that thingie is excited and standing up rather than, you know, peacefully sleeping.

Superhero Speedo: The World’s Best Men’s Swimwear?. Posted 20 May 2010. Last updated: July 12, 2020 at 5:24 am.