Brody Jenner’s Beach Hunk Fashion Style

Brody Jenner Update: How’s Our Malibu Prince Doing Now? Our Brody is now a married man. Oh wait, no. Or is he? Well, he and then girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter got married in Bali, Indonesia in 2018. But then they revealed that their wedding is not recognized in the U.S. for some reason.

Then, last year, they revealed on their show The Hills: New Beginnings that they broke up and no longer together. So who knows what’s going on with these two. Are they the Ross and Rachel in real life? Anyhoo, here’s a pic of Brody and Kaitlynn when they got married in Bali.

brody jenner wedding

More photos of a shirtless Brody Jenner doing his beach thang.

brody jenner hairy chest

broddy jenner beach hunk in shorts

Looks like Brody can give Scott Disick a run for his money.

brody jenner bulge in spandex superhero suit

Brody chilling in his Speedo. He’s wearing Speedos right? Or maybe we’re just wishful thinking?

brody jenner speedo swimsuit

Beach Boy Brody (28 February 2010). Brody Jenner is looking good in his cargo pants, no? And he makes it more interesting by going the low-rise route which we kinda really like. Hey Brody, why don’t you get rid of all them pants altogether, huh?

brody jenner underwear peekabo

Want more shirtless guys in cargo shorts? Check out male model Matt Van Fleet and Italian model Gio Vitale who’s got some awesome six-pack abs to boot.

Brody Jenner Hairstyle: Mohawk Haircut (02 December 2009). Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend Jayde Nicole isn’t the only one making the fashion news pages lately. Brody landed in the pages of The Daily Mail courtesy of his newest hairstyle, The Mohawk. We don’t think it suits him but who are we to complain.

brody jenner mohawk

On a positive note, we must say that we love his Adidas shoes.

brody jenner ryan reynolds

Is it us or is Brody looking very much like Ryan Reynolds? Maybe they are twins?

Surfboard and Board Shorts: Brody Jenner, Surfing Celebrity (21 December 2008). Looking for surfboards that surfing celebrities use? Check out reality star Brody Jenner’s LG Villa surf board.

brody jenner shirtless beach hunk

Is Brody Jenner someone you guys would like to have a bromance with? He is reportedly going to star in a new reality show called Bromance where he’ll be looking for a guy to be his new buddy. Maybe they’ll go surfing together towards the sunset, eh?

brody jenner tattoo

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