Hot Guys Jeans: 12 Gorgeous Boys Rocking Their Jeans

Hot Guys Jeans Update. What do you think of shirtless hot guys in jeans? Do you love them and appreciate the shirtlessness? Do you dislike them and believe that guys should cover themselves all the time (or at least not take shirtless photos of themselves)? Or are you like our friend Deena who goes, “Meh. I have more important things to do than mull about what I think of hot guys in jeans!!!”

Anyhoo, here are ten fabulous photos of the most gorgeous, the most awesome, the hottest 12 Hot Guys Jeans. We are calling them the World’s Best Shirtless Men in Jeans because why not. Haha.

Michael Sifakis. Who says you only have to wear football shorts when you are playing football?

michalis sifakis - hot guys in jeans

Jed Hill and Michael Radon. Who is the more gorgeous one between these two male beauties? We gotta go with Jed Hill because he brought us a lot of traffic back in the day. Hehe. He is kinda controversial though so we know that some of you won’t like him.

shirtless men in jeans 2015-16 - Jed Hill and Michael Radon pic by Michael Downs

Philip Fusco and Marcel Rodriguez. As for these two guys, we won’t pick which of them is the hotter one. After all, there’s such a thing as a threesome, right? Seriously, who would not want to get sandwiched between these two?

shirtless guys in jeans - Philip Fusco and Marcel Rodriguez

Edilson Nascimento. Edilson is sculpted and smooth as always. What’s not to like about this dude? He is up there in our list of hot guys in jeans.

hot guys jeans - Edilson Nascimento by Ismael Pessoa for Diesel

Evan Wadle. Evan is one of those guys we’d like to discover more. Hey, isn’t that the slogan of Ontario where our friend Deena resides? It says, “Yours to Discover”.

hot guys jeans - evan wadle

Jon Herrmann. Jon captivates with his boyish good looks. His open jeans button makes us go hmmmm.

hot guys jeans - Jon Herrmann

Marco Daper. When you are a male model, you’ve got a leg up when you have the name “Daper”. Marco is living up to that name too.

hot boys in jeans - marco dapper

Nick Jonas. Ahh Nick! We thought you’ll be a has-been by now but congratulations to you for strengthening your foothold in the industry. We can’t say the same for your older brothers though.

hot boys in jeans - nick jonas ksubi jeans

Pietro Boselli. The hottest teacher in the history of teachers continue to live up to his reputation. He is so damn effable isn’t he?

hot guys in jeans - Pietro Boselli

Rodrigo Calazans. Let’s end this post with a gorgeous guy with a million-dollar smile.

hot boys in jeans - rodrigo calazans

So fellow Famewatchers, who’s your favorite among these hot guys in jeans? For us, its Edilson (of course) and Pietro the Math teacher.

Hot Guys Jeans published 30 November 2015. Last updated: February 9, 2020 at 6:56 am.