Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: Nose Job – Before and After?

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: Nose Job – Before and After? Did tennis star Serena Williams have a nose job? The Daily Mail has these photos of Serena and suggests that the multi-Grand Slam winner may have had some cosmetic or plastic surgery to improve her nose.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery before and after

To be sure, Serena seems like she’s got a smaller and more pointed nose in the photo below (supposedly the “After Surgery” photo) but, to us, it looks like its more the effect of make-up and lighting. What do you think? Based on these “Before” and “After” pics, do you think there was a Serena Williams plastic surgery?

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery nose job

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Arrogant Serena Williams vs. Line Judge – Video US Open (13 September 2009). We said last year that we were starting to like Serena Williams but, boy, she really makes it hard for people to like her. Here’s a video on her confrontation with a very scared line judge during her semi-final match with Kim Clijsters.

SI reports: “Looking at a tape of the incident, including one broadcast on ESPN, it appeared Williams said, ‘I swear to God [bleep], I’m taking this ball and I’m shoving it your [bleep].’ In a statement handed out after midnight, U.S. Open Tournament referee Brian Earley said, ‘Serena Williams was assessed a Code Violation Warning for racquet abuse after losing the first set, 6-4.'”

The SI report adds: “At 5-6, 15-30, Serena was called for a foot fault on her second serve, making the score 15-40. She then yelled something at the line umpire, who reported it to the chair umpire. Based on the report, Serena was assessed a Code Violation point penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, ending the match.”

US Open 2008: Jelena Jankovic vs. Serena Williams (06 September 2008). Who will win between these two? We hope Jelena will win her first grand slam title ever. She deserves at least one. We’re a fan of this Serbian beauty. Go Jelena!

We’ve not been a fan of Serena Williams but after watching her match with Venus, we’re now starting to like her. We thoroughly enjoyed their match because it brought out the best in them. We think the reason we haven’t enjoyed watching Serena in the past is that she dominates her opponent when she’s good [hence there’s not much suspense] but she’s really crappy when she’s bad [and hence there is also no suspense]. But her last match with Venus? Boy, that was awesome. Still. Go Jelena!

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