Matt Barnett Shirtless Engineer, Gay or Girlfriend, Love is Blind

Matt Barnett Shirtless Engineer, Gay or Girlfriend, Love is Blind. Please tell us we are not the only ones who, like some of the ladies on Netflix’s Love is Blind, is in love with Matt Barnett aka Barnett? Our love for him is not like the “bring me to the altar” kinda love but the “awww, he’s so cool and hawt we hope we have someone like him” version.

matt barnett love is blind is sexy hot

Probably what made it easy for us to fall for him is his a) lumberjack good looks (he’s oozing with manliness without even trying), b) his being emotional (he ain’t afraid to cry, this guy), and the fact that he is also book smart (he’s an engineer after all, ya’ll). Oh, his ukulele playing ways is endearing too.

matt barnett engineer - love is blind

Now, we are only on the third episode of the show and we do not know what will happen to him and his search for a girl to bring home to mama but we ain’t blaming him for keeping his options open. Our friend Kevin does not like him for what he calls Barnett’s “indecisiveness” but we really do not the guy for that. After all, the Love is Blind cast are in an artificial pressure-packed environment and we do not expect them to fall in love at the drop of a hat, do we?

Sure, some of the couples did — and we are rooting for them too especially the black girl and white boy couple — but it’s not a one size fits all. Just because our Barnett can’t make up his mind does not mean he is indecisive or, as one of the girls alleged, is a “fuccboi” just playing the field. Sometimes, it’s just plain common sense to take your time before you say you love someone and propose marriage.

Anyhoo, as we said, we are lovin’ Barnett and his smart lumberjackness and wish him well in the future. Now, for the thirsty hos and THOTs among us looking for some Barnett shirtless photos, here’s one we grabbed from his Insta account (follow him @barnettisblind).

matt barnett shirless body love is blind

Want another one? Want more Netflix Hunks?

matt barnett body - love is blind

Matt Barnett Gay or Girlfriend? Huh! Did you watch the show? He is a straight dude. His love for Taylor Swift aside, no gay guy would be caught dead with a ukulele. Unless they are in Glee, that is. Hehe. As for whether he has a girlfriend or a wife or a parter, well, we guess we have to wait until the finale of Love is Blind to find out.

For the time being, here are photos of our hunky engineer we screencapped from the Netflix series:

barnett love is blind

barnett netflix love is blind hunk

barnett love is blind hot engineer

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