Sean Avery Shirtless Hockey Hunk: New York Rangers

Sean Avery Shirtless Hockey Hunk: New York Rangers. We are updating this post on hot hockey player Sean Avery to bring you some shirtless photos of the retired hockey great.

Yup, our Sean has retired from hockey in 2012. According to wikipedia, he was appointed as chief strategic officer for the Lipman Advertising Agency where he has helped developed strategies for clients such as Stuart Weitzman and 7 For All Mankind. We are assuming that he is still working with said agency.

Anyhoo, check out these Sean Avery shirtless pics:

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Hot Hockey Player: Sean Avery, New York Rangers
28 September 2009

Who says Canadians have to be nice, overly courteous, and generally inoffensive? Well, not Ontario native and New York Rangers left winger Sean Avery.

hot hockey player sean avery

Sean has made a name for himself as the baddest badass in the National Hockey League (NHL) and was picked by a whooping majority (66.4%) of survey respondents, consisting of 283 NHL players, as the most hated player in the league. To prove that his fellow players did not make a mistake, Sean made headlines the following year by calling his ex-girlfriends who went on to date other hockey players as “sloppy seconds”. And they say Canadians are boring, huh?

sean avery shirtless hockey hunk

By the way, Sean – like Roger Federer – is also into fashion. In fact, he did some internship at Vogue Magazine from which the photo above was taken. In 2008, Newsweek Magazine reported that a screenplay about his double life as a hockey player and fashionista (fashionisto?) has been commissioned but we don’t know whether its going to be actually produced.

Who will play Sean in the movie? He says fellow Canadian hunk Ryan Gosling will be a good fit.

Want More Sean Avery Hotness?
14 July 2011

hot hockey players sean avery

Are you looking for a nekkid photo of our Canadian hockey boyfriend, Sean Avery? Well, here’s the baddest badass in hockey and male fashionista in all his naked glory.

Why is he posing au natural in a shirt, you ask? Apparently, our Sean is supporting a skin cancer prevention campaign and he dreamt up this project with designer Marc Jacobs where our hockey punk poses nekkid in a Marc Jacobs shirt. Pretty cool idea, no?

Sean Avery Shirtless Hockey Hunk: New York Rangers. First posted 28 September 2009. Last updated 7 May 2017.