Sandor Earl Rugby Player in Dieux du Stade Calendar

Sandor Earl Now: He is a Speedo Zaddy. We are updating this post we first wrote back in 2009 to note that Sandor retired from playing rugby and, according to his LinkedIn profile, he is now the Performance Director Air Locker Training. He also co-founded a company called Vintage Mode which is an “online clothing brand targeting a Vintage feel and aesthetic with MODErn designs”.

Oh, we should also mention that he continues to make his fans happy by rocking his Speedo swimwear or Budgy Smugglers as the Aussies call it. We screencapped the images below from his videos on Intagram which you might want to follow @sandor_earl:

sandor earl speedo budgy smuggler

sandor earl speedo zaddy

Sandor Earl Dieux du Stade, Gods of Football: Rugby Player as Male Model. Here are some photos for those of you looking for rugby player Sandor Earl when he modeled for Dieux du Stade or the Gods of Football Calendar project.

sandor earl gods of football

We had to sanitize the images because we don’t want Grandma Akita, who is easily excited by hunky rugby players despite her age, to have a heart attack. Hehe.

sandor earl dieux du stade

We’ve been calling our hunky rugby star “Earl Sandor” when, in fact, his name is the other way around — Sandor Earl. Our apologies!

sandor earl dieux du stade calendar model

There’s a lot of smoke in here. Hehe.

sandor earl dieux du stade underwear calendar

Sandor Earl Models For Cocksox Underwear. We give props to the people behind this underwear brand, Cocksox, for coming up with a controversial name that is bound to make people — especially those who are into underwears, you know who you are baby — notice. They also deserve props for hiring Earl “God of Football” Sandor as their underwear model.

sandor earl cocksox underwear model

Isn’t this a match made in heaven? We think Earl can give either David Beckham or Michael Biserta a run for their underwear modeling money. What do you think?

sandor earl cocksox underwear model

He truly is a god of football, ain’t he?

sandor earl gods of football cocksox model2

Sandor Earl Models Underwear For Teamm8. Our internet beau rugby player Sandor Earl continues to delight his fans by taking some underwear modeling gigs. This time, the rugby hunk is endorsing a brand called Teamm8. We never heard of this brand before but if Earl is wearing its briefs and boxers, it must be a good cool brand, right?

sandor earl teamm8 underwear briefs

Interesting that he’s wearing different shades of blue, maybe we should include him to our post on Blue Men’s Underwear as seen on celebrities and male models.

By the way, according to the Daily Telegraph, Earl’s cheeky teammates are reportedly calling him “Princess” apparently because he’s pretty and because of his modeling gigs.

Says the Daily Telegraph report: “MOVE aside Matt Cooper – the NRL has a new s*x symbol in the form of Mt Druitt battler Sandor Earl. Thanks to his pretty-boy looks and part-time work as an underwear model, teammates have this season named the Panthers winger ‘Princess’.”

Is this some kind of bullying or what? What do you think? Even wikipedia lists his nickname as “Princess” which may or may not be cool depending on whether Earl likes the nickname or not.

Anyhoo, let’s have more photos of Earl modeling C*cksox underwear shall we? He’s quite the looker whether he’s wearing tight briefs or sexy boxers, no?

sandor earl teamm8 underwear model

By the way, Deena says C*cksox is from the same company that makes Teamm8 but we’re not sure about that. Maybe those of you who are “experts” on Aussie underwear brands can confirm whether Deena is right in the comments.

For more rugby players in underwear, check out our post on Ben Cohen’s Underwear. By the way, sexy Kiwi hunk and rugby star Dan Carter is an underwear model too. See him in Dan Carter as Jockey Underwear Model.

Sandor Earl Dieux du Stade, Gods of Football: Rugby Player as Male Model. First posted 6 August 2009. Last updated: August 16, 2023 at 6:50 am.