Hot Young Black Guys of Hollywood and Beyond

Hot Young Black Guys of Hollywood and Beyond. After we published our post on hot young Latino men in Hollywood, Deena suggested that we do a similar post on hot young black guys of Hollywood. Good suggestion, Deena girl!

Of course, as we said in our Latino post, when we say “hot” we mean someone we’d bring home to mama. “Young”, on the other hand, means someone who have not reached (or passed) the big Three Oh.

So Famewatching fans, we bring you our list of the most shaggable, the hunkiest, and the gorgeous hot young black guys of Hollywood and beyond. Who of these men is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section. Anyhoo, we begin our list with:

Keith Powers. This 23-year-old actor stars as Theo on the MTV series, Faking It. He admits to having a crush on Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz.

hot young black guys - keithpowers - faking it002

John Boyega. If Stars Wars proves to be a really big hit as predicted by box office experts, expect its young star John Boyega to become one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. And he is only 23 years old!!! [Related: John Boyega Shirtless]

hot young black guys of hollywood - john boyega hot suit2

Michael B. Jordan. Did you watch Creed? You haven’t? Stop whatever it is you are doing and go watch it now. It is very, very good. And Michael is very, very good in it! He really is a talented actor and we hope this young man (he’s 28 years old) will have many more projects to come.

michael b jordan underwear - calvin klein

Alfred Enoch. A list of hot young black guys of Hollywood that does not include Alfred Enoch is not worth anything? This 27-year-old former Harry Potter star is a regular in another ratings winner, How to Get Away With Murder.

alfred enoch shirtless3

Jussie Smollett. Starring in the blockbuster TV hit that is Empire, there is no denying that Jussie is one of the hottest young men in Hollywood right now. [Update: Oops, he is actually 32 years old. Well, we are giving him an exception to the “no-one-over-30” rule because we love him. Who says there is no favoritism in this site? Hehe.]

Jussie Smollett shirtless - sexy body

Eka Darville. You would be familiar with Eka if you watched Empire last season because he was played the role of Jussie’s lover. This Aussie transplant, who’s been cast as a series regular on the Netflix show Jessica Jones, is 26 years old.

eka darville shirtless - hot young black guys of hollywood

Tequan Richmond. Next in our list of hot young black guys is 23-year-old Tequan Richmond who currently stars in General Hospital.

hot young black guys - tequan richmond

Bow Wow (aka Shad Gregory Moss). Let’s end our list with superstar rapper Bow Wow. He’s been in the biz since forever so we thought he’s over 30. Turns out he is only 28 years old. And like any twenty-something, he loves to post his underwear photos on Instagram. Check ’em out!

hot young black guys - bowwow - shad moss shirtless underwear

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