Sam Claflin Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Family

Sam Claflin Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Family. Eight years after we wrote the post below, the British actor has gone to expand his Hollywood footprint.

He’s starred in more television shows and movies the latest of which is Enola Holmes where he plays the role of the old fashioned and annoying Mycroft Holmes. Check it out on Netflix, it is a fun movie with an impressive 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

On the family front, Sam is now a father of two. He got hitched to actress Laura Haddock back in 2013 but they announced their separation last year.

Lastly, here are more shirtless photos of our curly-haired actor for the Famewatchers among us who can’t get enough of the guy.

sam claflin shirtless body

Sam Claflin Gay or Straight? He is straight but he says in a 2017 interview with the Dallas Voice that he’d love to play an LGBT character. Also our hunky dude ain’t above wearing women’s swimsuit as he does in the photo below where he, apparently, “borrowed” Shailene Woodley’s one-piece to try it on. The two co-starred in the 2018 movie Adrift.

sam claflin wearing womens one-piece bikini

Sam Claflin Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Finnick Odair Fan Pic and More (23 September 2012). What does Sam Claflin look like in his underwear? Well, here’s a fan-made image of Sam as Finnick Odair and his famous trident and wearing nothing but his boxer briefs underwear. Apparently, Calvin Klein survives the apocalypse and finds a market in Panem because if you look closely at the front of Finnick’s underwear you’ll see what looks like the famous CK logo. Right? Right?

Sam Claflin underwear - finick odair fan art - Nikola Nickart

For now, that’s only the underwear “photo” we have of Sam/Finnick (thanks Nikola!) but we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing some such pics in the coming days as he and the rest of The Hunger Games gang film the second installment of the blockbuster series, Catching Fire. In fact, Sam is giving us a “sampler” with his peekabo underwear photos. Yay!

Sam Claflin - finnick odair - underwear - white calvin klein

Okay, we’re not 100% sure if Finnick is wearing Calvin Klein boxer briefs in the fan art above but Sam is definitely wearing Calvin Klein underneath them jeans. 100% sure.

Sam Claflin underwear - ck briefs

We gotta admit that, initially, we were not sure if Sam is the right pick to play Finnick Odair because we imagined the character to be stunningly gorgeous who’s handsomeness captivates you from the get-go.

sam claflin - gorgeous english hunk - any human heart

However, after we spent some time looking at Sam’s photos on IMDB, we realized that he has that chameleonic quality which could help him fit any role to a T.

sam claflin smoking hot wet shirt

sam claflin hot in tuxedo

If we didn’t put these pics together like this, you would not think it’s the same guy would you? Maybe Sam’s capability of transforming himself, a mark of a very good actor we must say, is what convinced the Catching Fire producers to cast him as Finnick. We think he’ll fit nicely in the role. You agree, right? Right? Of course you do. Haha.

Sam Claflin is finnick odair - handsome hunk

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